‘Lyda Rose’ Hybrid Musk Shrub Rose

Lyda Rose 1

“Lida Rose I’m home again Rose without a sweetheart to my name…” Here’s a pretty little thing, a seedling of the popular Hybrid Musk ‘Francis E. Lester‘ named ‘Lyda Rose’, yup, after the song from The Music Man. (Now you’re going to have this stuck in your head, too!) Between Francis and Lyda, I’d have […]

‘Cornelia’ Hybrid Musk Rose

cornelia june 2013 13

Sometimes I visit other rose gardens and walk away obsessed with a particular rose. Such was the case after my first introduction to the Hybrid Musk ‘Cornelia’ seen here. I spent a year thinking about how I should buy this rose–but no I really shouldn’t–yes I must–NO I HAVE TOO MANY ROSES–until finally I succumbed […]

‘Charles de Mills’ Gallica Rose

Charles de Mills June 2013 - 4

This morning I dug out some photos I took last June of ‘Charles de Mills’, a hybrid Gallica rose growing in the Rose & Fragrance Garden at PSU. What you’re looking at here is 3 plants grouped in the shape of a triangle, but even singly these plants can get pretty sizable. They do tend […]

Growing ‘Comtesse de Rocquigny’ Bourbon Rose

Comtesse de Rocquigny via Hedgerow Rose - 1

Continuing our celebration of roses this month, I am so excited to share a fairly recent addition to our garden: ‘Comtesse de Rocquigny’ a Bourbon rose from 1874. The Comtesse was purchased from Vintage a couple of years ago and spent the requisite time in a smallish container before being planted out into the garden last […]