A most treasured rose…

Arcata Pink Globe 1 via Hedgerow Rose

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I’ve been downsizing considerably and have been trying to find homes for what’s left of our container roses. This is a a big deal, well, for lots of reasons, but mainly when I consider about how many I once had growing in containers, alone. I think […]

Making a Stock Tank Fish Pond

Stock Tank Pond 5

When I was about 8 years old, we moved from Los Angeles to San Diego to a small house with an even smaller garden. This home was where I first fell in love with roses, because there was a massive ‘Mlle Cécile Brunner’ in the front yard that made me think of pretty party dresses, and in […]

Blush Pink Roses in June


That 5 month break from blogging has me all sixes and sevens now. I’ve got piles of photos and potential posts from the summer and I’m not entirely sure where to start because it seems so incongruous to the current situation. For example, right now I’m looking out the window at a day that is so overcast […]

Custom Medieval Style Crowns

Custom Medieval Style Crowns 4

Last summer I had a little bit of the “crown madness.” It started with the crown I made for myself constructed of a piece of brass from the late 19th century topped with dozens of Swarovski crystals. I like that crown, and I may have shamelessly worn it around the house for a few days. […]

My Big, Fat Sweet Pea Post! And a Giveaway!

Sweet Peas 3

The truth is, I’m not thinking at all about Sweet Peas right now. With all the suckiness going on in our personal lives, I’ve been spending my time cleaning out our house to donate things we no longer want/need and settling into the mindset that it’s time to leave, one way or another. I always know that I’m […]