Raised Beds at Children’s Garden, PSU

Children's Garden at PSU - 3

Time-warping this morning to a visit to Penn State University’s new Children’s Garden last summer where I was loving on their raised bed veggie garden. What enthused me the most was the narrow “seat” that was built in to allow for resting and kneeling at the garden’s edge. These beds were pretty huge but the idea […]

Another Sweet Pea Seeds Giveaway

Sweet Peas 2

It’s snowing right now. Hard. What’s that saying…when March comes in like a lion it goes out like a big fat jerkface? Right, that’s the one. OK, so anyways, here’s the deal. I’ve got some extra sweet pea seeds I didn’t know I had. I have enough to send out a healthy bundle to the […]

The last 5 years: roses that have brought me joy

Princess Alexandra of Kent 2014

We’re wrapping up our time spent in our State College home and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to select some of my favorite roses from the past 5 years. Don’t ask me to count how many I’ve planted here, I don’t want to depress myself thinking about how much money I’ve spent. […]

Violas for Spring

Violas for Spring via Hedgerow Rose

If you follow my account on Instagram, then you may have seen the photo I posted sharing the very first flower of 2015 in our garden. Well, it’s soon to not be my garden any longer, but I still consider it my first flower of the year! It was a Viola, also known as Heartsease, and […]

How I Propagate Roses (and Boxwood!) From Cuttings


Hi guys! Are you ready for that post I promised on how I propagate my roses from cuttings? Finally, right? I know, I stink at consistently writing “how-to” type posts; I think they’re going to take away my blogger card. They’re tough for me but I’ll get over it! I’m excited to share this how-to, […]

An Update…

rose petals

Hello, hello! We’re back from our trip to North Carolina and gosh, my head is spinning. Thought it might be a good idea to update where we’re at as it’s been a little while since my last post. Speaking of which, I can’t begin to express enough how grateful I am for your kind comments. […]

Another Rose Roundup: Shades of Pink

Lilian Austin June 2013 - 1

I’m pretty sure that all bloggers, at some point, have had the feeling that they’ve simply run out of things to say and maybe it’s time to call it a wrap. I know I have in the past, and even with that lovely break, I do sometimes question why I keep sharing here. The thing is, and […]

Verbena bonariensis

Verbena bonariensis 1

Do you have a favorite annual? One you just can’t imagine your garden to ever be without? It’s difficult for me to narrow it down–there are just so many to love–but if I had to, Verbena bonariensis would be at the top of the list. This is one of those plants I call “see-through” because […]

Some more recent rose additions…

roi des aulnes 10-14-2

This day did not start out awesome. What do you do to cheer yourself up when nothing seems to be going right? Besides hugging my puppy and kitties, I like to look at roses. No surprise there. Roses just make me happy! (If they were a drink, they’d be fizzy pink lemonade.) I think sharing […]

Our raised beds experiments…

cukes 10-15-1

First, I wanted to thank all of you for your really encouraging comments and emails. Truth be told, I have shed some tears over the idea of leaving our home in State College since this town is very special to me and it took years to finally move back here…and now I’m leaving! But your […]

News! Hedgerow Rose is Moving!

AR - 2

I am officially a gardener without a garden. Hedgerow Rose is moving! I’ve been overtly hinting for a while now that change was in the air, and after many, many months of hard work and planning, my husband and I will be taking up a new residence in North Carolina. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania for the past 18 […]

‘Enfant de Nice’ Heirloom Carnations

Enfant de Nice 1

Whoops, there goes the sunshiny feeling. Today I’m nursing a sore throat and a general winter malaise. I’ve drunk all the tea and watched all the Downton but still feel so very…blah. February tends to do that to me, and like clockwork, I start wishing I had the space for that greenhouse I’ve been dreaming about. […]