An Interview with Artist and Gardener Anne Butera

Anne Butera

Happy Winter Solstice! I have a special treat today in celebration. Recently, I pestered my pal, Anne Butera of My Giant Strawberry, to allow me to interview her for this space and she kindly agreed. If you’re not already familiar with Anne, she is a kind, genuine, talented artist and gardener and I am honored that she […]

Some Tips for Propagating Lavender with Cuttings

English lavender

This is going to be a happy post about making lots of lavender for your garden–one of my favorite flowers–for practically nothing. I had this saved in my drafts so I knew I was going to finishing it soon, sending it into the ether for a fellow gardener to find someday. It feels strange writing jolly, […]

Calendula officianalis Seeds

Calendula Seeds

I am hard-pressed to think of an annual that is as easy to grow, versatile and rewarding as Calendula. These charming flowers, with their colorful, satiny petals, are a delight to the bees as well as to people. If grown organically, their flowers are edible and can be used in soothing salves and lotions and let’s not […]

Growing ‘Lady of Shalott’ David Austin Rose

Lady of Shalott via Hedgerow Rose - 1

In this brief time I’ve been blogging about roses, I’ve made two general observations: One, people lose their minds over David Austin roses (with good reason!) and Two, especially if it’s Abraham Darby. You know I love Abe as much as the next gal, and I’ve been heartbroken over the fact I simply could not […]