Dark Florals

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Last summer was all about experimentation with the way I photograph the garden in a way that felt more meaningful to me while conveying the emotion certain flowers inspire. I’ve become bored with the straight-forward way to document the garden that I was using in the past–it seemed so impersonal and unoriginal. One can only look [...]

Forcing Bulbs


Your pal Laurie has some “stuff” going on over here–sorry to sound so cryptic but it is the Internet after all so I’ll save the deets for my autobiography someday–and everything feels in a state of flux. I really don’t like it when decisions become so uncertain. I’m a list-maker, a planner, a doer. I [...]

Growing: Alpine Strawberries (Fragaria vesca) ‘Mignonette’

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Alpine Strawberries ‘Mignonette’ Today I’m roasting winter squash (harvested about a month ago from our garden) for a spicy squash and black bean soup–fitting fare for a week that’s seen temperatures drop into the low 30’s at night. Outside my window the leaves on the hardwoods are lighting up like beacons of red and gold and yet there [...]

Hello again


And so we meet again! Thank you all once more for your lovely comments on my taking a break post. Last summer I would pop back into this space from time to time, tinker with the design a bit and sort of tease out whether I felt like writing again. Seeing the same posts over [...]