Another Rose Roundup: Shades of Pink

Lilian Austin June 2013 - 1

I’m pretty sure that all bloggers, at some point, have had the feeling that they’ve simply run out of things to say and maybe it’s time to call it a wrap. I know I have in the past, and even with that lovely break, I do sometimes question why I keep sharing here. The thing is, and […]

Verbena bonariensis

Verbena bonariensis 1

Do you have a favorite annual? One you just can’t imagine your garden to ever be without? It’s difficult for me to narrow it down–there are just so many to love–but if I had to, Verbena bonariensis would be at the top of the list. This is one of those plants I call “see-through” because […]

Some more recent rose additions…

roi des aulnes 10-14-2

This day did not start out awesome. What do you do to cheer yourself up when nothing seems to be going right? Besides hugging my puppy and kitties, I like to look at roses. No surprise there. Roses just make me happy! (If they were a drink, they’d be fizzy pink lemonade.) I think sharing […]

Our raised beds experiments…

cukes 10-15-1

First, I wanted to thank all of you for your really encouraging comments and emails. Truth be told, I have shed some tears over the idea of leaving our home in State College since this town is very special to me and it took years to finally move back here…and now I’m leaving! But your […]

News! Hedgerow Rose is Moving!

AR - 2

I am officially a gardener without a garden. Hedgerow Rose is moving! I’ve been overtly hinting for a while now that change was in the air, and after many, many months of hard work and planning, my husband and I will be taking up a new residence in North Carolina. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania for the past 18 […]

‘Enfant de Nice’ Heirloom Carnations

Enfant de Nice 1

Whoops, there goes the sunshiny feeling. Today I’m nursing a sore throat and a general winter malaise. I’ve drunk all the tea and watched all the Downton but still feel so very…blah. February tends to do that to me, and like clockwork, I start wishing I had the space for that greenhouse I’ve been dreaming about. […]

Growing Sunflowers: Soraya, Peach Passion, Teddy Bear

soraya 10-20-3

How about a little sunshine on this cold February day? I’m actually quite tickled because today we saw our first flock of robins (a full 9 days earlier than last year, and several weeks earlier than they usually are seen here in the northeast.) I’m thinking sunshiny thoughts so what better time to share some […]


Café au Lait Dahlias

Did your Instagram blow up last summer with photo after photo of the ubiquitous Dahlia ‘Café au Lait’? Yeah, I’m very sorry for doing that! Add me to the list of gardeners who in the past few seasons became obsessed with the coloring, shape and size of this “dinner-plate” dahlia. In fact, my feed was inundated […]

‘American Pillar’ Hybrid Wichurana/Rambler Rose

American Pillar 1

The honor of the last post for January’s Celebration of Roses goes to this distinguished beauty, ‘American Pillar’, a Hybrid Wichurana/Rambler which has graced many a garden for generations. Like ‘Madame Hardy’, ‘American Pillar’ was a cultivar that sparked more than just a casual interest in roses for me so many years ago. If you […]