Growing ‘Reine Victoria’ Bourbon Rose

Reine Victoria Rose in June 2013 6

When I conjure up an image of a romantic and beautiful rose, I often think of those in the Bourbon class, just like this one: ‘Reine Victoria’ a Bourbon from France, 1872. Bred by Joseph Schwartz, ‘Reine Victoria’, named for Queen Victoria of course, also goes by another name: ‘The Shell Rose’. It’s easy to see […]

‘Madame Ernest Calvat’ Bourbon Rose


‘Madame Ernest Calvat’ is one of my absolute favorites. Well, obviously since I post pictures of her gorgeousness, umm…constantly. Here’s a post I wrote last year. ‘Mme E. Calvat’ is being grown in a container and those super long canes fountain all around and are literally covered with pom-pom-like pink blossoms which smell heavenly. (This […]

Growing Madame Ernest Calvat Rose


I’m not an entirely patient person, but with my garden I sort of have to be, especially since I am starting from scratch here at our new home. The bad news is, we are only renting until my husband finishes up at University and will probably be moving again, but the good news is, I […]