Another Rose Roundup: Shades of Pink

Lilian Austin June 2013 - 1

I’m pretty sure that all bloggers, at some point, have had the feeling that they’ve simply run out of things to say and maybe it’s time to call it a wrap. I know I have in the past, and even with that lovely break, I do sometimes question why I keep sharing here. The thing is, and […]

Some more recent rose additions…

roi des aulnes 10-14-2

This day did not start out awesome. What do you do to cheer yourself up when nothing seems to be going right? Besides hugging my puppy and kitties, I like to look at roses. No surprise there. 😉 Roses just make me happy! (If they were a drink, they’d be fizzy pink lemonade.) I think […]

January’s Celebration of Roses


Here in the N Hemisphere, we celebrate a month of roses in June, which makes sense since they tend to look their best then. But between you and me, I’m very busy in June not just thinking of roses, but enjoying them, live and in person. A celebration of roses in June is all very […]

Growing ‘Lady of Shalott’ David Austin Rose

Lady of Shalott via Hedgerow Rose - 1

In this brief time I’ve been blogging about roses, I’ve made two general observations: One, people lose their minds over David Austin roses (with good reason!) and Two, especially if it’s Abraham Darby. You know I love Abe as much as the next gal, and I’ve been heartbroken over the fact I simply could not […]

Introducing ‘Strawberry Hill’ David Austin Rose

strawberry hill 2013 1

I don’t think there is a happier color in the world than pink. Especially the perfect shade of strawberry-pink like that of Austin’s ‘Strawberry Hill’ rose, actually named for Horace Walpole’s Gothic Castle in Twickenham. Introduced in 2006 (Registration name: Ausrimini), ‘Strawberry Hill’ has very full, very large blossoms borne in generous clusters. The scent […]

Constance Spry

Constance Spry | Hedgerow Rose

Up until about 5 minutes ago I was feeling quite sassy thinking I had a nice nest egg of photos of the garden to pull from for the blog this winter. Nope. Not nearly as much as I thought (I blame my iPhone addiction which kept me from picking up the Nikon as much as […]

Heart Shaped

Heart Shaped Rose | Princess Alexandra of Kent | Hedgerow Rose

I’ll be back soon with some more rosy posts. In the meantime, ‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’ would like to wish you a Happy Monday.

Revisiting ‘Heritage’ David Austin Rose

Heritage English Rose | David Austin Rose | Hedgerow Rose

In our former residence, our garden looked quite different than it does now as everything was squashed into containers on a postage-stamp sized patio. So, not a lot of room for roses although I did manage to grow a few including this David Austin beauty, ‘Heritage’. Blooming from spring until frost with shell pink flowers […]

Shopping for David Austin Roses…Help me decide?

David Austin Rose Catalog

The thick, heavy white envelope arrived in my mailbox and I knew exactly what it was–the new David Austin rose catalog for spring. My day immediately improved and I couldn’t wait to sit down and pore over it’s glossy pages filled with gorgeous, rose flavored eye candy. (My mother laughed when I told her I […]