Floribunda Roses

The Many Moods of ‘Grüss an Aachen’

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When our daughter was younger, she loved the movie Stuart Little and it was on a lot in the background. Remember the scene where the actor Taylor Negron, a mall salesman, tries to sell a wardrobe for Stuart that is fashioned by a Ken doll and he refers to the costume changes as “The many […]

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Revisiting ‘Iceberg’ Floribunda Rose

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So I decided last spring to give ‘Iceberg’ a chance to redeem herself. I’ve grown her in a garden past and enjoyed the fresh white blossoms, but frustrated by her susceptibility to blackspot thought this was a rose that I would never grow again. That was until I saw these photos on 66 Square Feet of […]

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Introducing ‘Julia Child’ Floribunda Rose

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I thank my rose gardening pals on Twitter for introducing me to ‘Julia Child’ because I probably would have never bought it otherwise. After seeing photos and hearing her charms praised I thought this may be the answer to my yellow rose conundrum. So far, she has proven a justifiable purchase producing fluffy yellow roses […]

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Growing ‘Grüss an Aachen’ Floribunda Rose

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‘Grüss an Aachen’ was bred from the Hybrid Perpetual Frau Karl Druschki, and is recognized to be the first of what is now the repeat-blooming floribunda class. As we near the end of June and National Rose Month, allow me to share with you a little rose that has been full of big surprises, ‘Grüss an Aachen’: […]

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