Enameled Copper Hand-Stamped Plant Labels (Tags) – An experiment!

Enameled Copper Plant Tags

Enameled Copper Rose Plant Labels | HedgerowRose.com

Enameled Copper Rose Stanwell Perpetual Tag | HedgerowRose.com

Enameled Copper Dill Tag | HedgerowRose.com

Enameled Copper Plant Labels | HedgerowRose.com

A few weeks ago I found the sudden impulse to whip up a bunch of plant tags for our garden and I love how they came out. It’s funny how when you’re not trying to make something “work” it comes together so easily and is so much fun in the process, too. Hmm, there’s a lesson there I suppose. It’s the patina of each that I get such a kick out of. All those pretty blues and greens that I’m not sure are showing up well in the photographs but are so sparkly in person and have a look like a relic from the past recently unearthed. Whoops! There I go romanticizing again! {In case anyone is curious: this is 18 gauge copper/Lead-free enamels/1500 degrees F/Iridescent and translucent enamels fired-refired-overfired for an aged appearance. Stamped by moi.} 

13 thoughts on “Enameled Copper Hand-Stamped Plant Labels (Tags) – An experiment!

  1. Hi, as always I am super impressed by you! Can you do a tutorial on how you did this? Or put some up for sale in your shop for those of us who may not be as successful as you at the craftiness. Me 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh! Thank you! 🙂
      You’ve reminded me that I want to start including photos of the steps/process behind my metalwork–definitely would like to start doing that. As for putting these up for sale I am currently in process of finding a way to make these more efficiently so they are affordable. The way it is now, they’re very labor intensive and would be pretty pricey for a plant tag! I hope to have something up in the shop in time for spring, though!

  2. I agree – these are awesome. For sure, sell them, can you imagine how beautiful they would look on plants, and besides you’ll still be able to see what it says at the end of a season. Really beautiful!!

  3. Well, golly! Thank you both! I do hope I can figure something out for the shop because they were really fun to make and I want an excuse to make more. 😉

  4. Hi Laurie, love, love, love your enamel copper plant labels! Were you able to figure out a way to make them & sell them so they are affordable? I would love to buy a set (maybe you’re getting sick of yours and want a new look?!) ;-). They are gorgeous, the colors and patina are amazing – you are very talented. Laurie

    1. Hi Laurie, nice name! 😀
      No, I never did…sadly, they take so long to make, almost like making jewelry. I did some price comparisons on Etsy to see what other people sell their labels for and I could just never compete with that. But I really do appreciate you asking and I am so tickled that you like them, thank you!

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