September walks

I’ve been taking a lot of walks recently in the woods and fields behind our home. This time of year, they have a scent that’s spicy and sweet and reminds this former city girl of happy days spent at summer camp. And have I mentioned the golden September light? Oh, I’m sure I have, so I won’t bore you with that again but let’s just say I would drink it if I could. The staccato of acorns and walnuts falling to the ground, the scuff of my shoes on the dry paths, the squirrels scolding me through the trees and the distant cawing of crows were my musical accompaniment. (At one point there was a very loud crash of a larger animal; I’m sure it was just a deer but in my moment of alarm I immediately thought, “bear! wild dogs! smoke monster!” Geez.) This time I brought my camera and not the pups–because it’s nigh impossible to take photos with her pulling me along–to share some of the highlights. But, you know, these things always look nicer in person. Are you also enjoying this time of year?

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