September, you beauty

Borage 9-19-1 carefree beauty 9-19-1 Dahlia ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ 9-19-1 Gruss an Aachen 9-19-1 Helenium, Aster, Goldenrod 9-19-1

Jude the Obscure 9-19-2

mums 9-19-2 oncoming storm 9-19-1 pink water lily 9-19-1

Princess Alexandra of Kent 9-19-4purple aster 9-19-2purple aster 9-19-4sunflower field 9-19-1 sunflower field 9-19-2

sunflower field 9-19-5


This will be my last summer of 2013 post! Goodness, that’s strange to think about. When 2013 began I thought this year would be a bit of a slog–lots of not so fun things happening earlier–but this summer has been simply glorious and of course it’s zipped on past. I’ll save my summer in review for another post and instead chat you up about some other things going on here at the Hedgerow:

◆ I’m excited about some new pieces in the works–once I kick this allergy business in the pants, that is. It’s not good to work with fire and sharp/heavy objects when one’s head is a big cloud, right? (The kind of fuzziness that has me thinking putting eggs back in the freezer is a good idea.) So many fun things to make! Hope to be back at it soon.

◆ Jesse and I saw The Audience the other night. Have you seen it? Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II again with script by Peter Morgan. How could it be anything but awesome? Even Jesse loved it!

High Country Roses is having a fall frenzy sale. Get your booty over there and pick up some roses for next to nothing. (Sidebar: their customer service is wonderful.) I picked up 8 more roses even though, ahem, I said I was done buying them for the year. Whoops!

◆ More giveaways are also in the works–some garden-y kinds and some jewelry kinds–so if you liked the last two then you’ll want to check back for that.

◆ A few more blogs I’m loving: Hen House Handmade, The Garden Gate Flower Co. and Meadowbrook Farm

◆ Unrelated to blogging, here’s a personal thing I’m working on: You know how they say, “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all?” Of course you do. Well, I’m working on the the reverse of that, i.e. “If you’re thinking something nice, SAY IT!” This is a tricky one for me because I am generally very shy. But I have found it makes such an impact! Example: if I’m checking out at the grocery store and the checkout gal has gorgeous hair, I’ll tell her that I think so as soon as the thought enters my mind and before I get too shy to speak up. Try it–you’ll see . 🙂

◆ Don’t forget about our birdie friends this time of year! Lots of them are winging their ways to their winter homes and would love a tasty snack and a drink (or bath!) of fresh water. We have a couple of birdfeeders, a birdbath and a small fountain and just in the past week alone we’ve seen: the usual suspects such as sparrows, finches, jays, cardinals, robins, nuthatches, titmouses (mice?), chickadees and doves. Plus, the more random visitors such as hummingbirds, woodpeckers, flickers, warblers, wrens and bluebirds. I’m probably forgetting someone…but you get the idea!

6 thoughts on “September, you beauty

  1. Stunning photos! I love the glimpse each one gives of what’s about you at the time of the post. Last full day of Summer is here so let me be the first to officially wish you Happy Autumn 🙂

  2. Your pictures always make the world, or is it, show the world – as beautiful!

    Love your say something nice idea – it works I know! Think I do a better job of it with this reminder.

    Keep writing these beautiful words, and taking this beautiful pictures.

    We are all better for it!

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