Metallic Green Bee

Look who was visiting our Echinacea this morning and will you check out the pollen pants on him? Metallic green bees fall under the genus Agapostemon and are apparently quite common in the western hemisphere, but it wasn’t until we moved to the farmlands of central PA that I began seeing them and I’m so glad they’re here. There are dozens of species in the genus Agapostemon, and not being an expert on insects I am having a hard time identifying which this particular bee belongs to. (I found this site to be useful for a further overview of the species if you’re interested.) Metallic green bees are anything but “freaky” as I’ve seen them described on some sites, but are beautiful little creatures and of course are considered beneficial insects. For tips on how to attract bees and other pollinators to your garden, click here.

4 thoughts on “Metallic Green Bee

    1. Thank you! He was really moving and shaking so it was hard to keep him in focus. Yup, metallic green bees, a type of sweat bee, are really that green. The coloring reminds me of the same flashy green you see on a Japanese beetle–only these bees are welcome in my garden whereas, of course, the beetles are not. 😉

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