Audrey Earrings – Vintage Rhinestone & Sterling Silver Posts


These are my “Audrey Earrings” stones (Audrey’s were my best-sellers and the staple of my earlier “Estate Collection” line of jewelry) set in antiqued brass with sterling silver posts.

If you’ll indulge me to tell you a little about these stones: I once had quite a nest egg of them, but now that they have found homes in the far-flung regions of the world gracing the lobes of many a cherished customer, they have dwindled to a tiny little stash. This stash I was going to keep for myself because these are the “tarnished ladies” of the original group; with the old foils worn, they have acquired a patina much like that of an antique silvered mirror. I love them to bits even so, because although I think the brand new Swarovski crystals I am currently selling are utterly brilliant, there is a special place in my heart for rhinestones that have been loved and have lasted through the years.

It occurred to me that perhaps I am not the only one that appreciates this subtle, tarnished beauty and will be offering a small batch for sale. Please remember before purchasing: These stones are over 60 years old and they have “imperfections” commensurate with their age.

Note that the pair in the photos has sold. Yours will look very similar.


Metal: Brass and sterling silver
Earwires: Sterling silver posts with butterfly clutch
Stones: 12mm vintage faceted glass
Markings/Hallmarks: None
Finish: Antiqued brass and bright silver

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