Rosehips: Flower Carpet Rose


‘Pink Supreme’ or just ‘Pink’ (not sure) Flower Carpet Rose Rosehips

I will be introducing several new series over the next few months. The first, “Companion Plants” has already been posted, and this next, “Rosehips” will be just as described: an authentic photo (imperfections and all) of the hips that specific roses in our garden are producing. Obviously, I adore roses, but it isn’t just the flowers that I love; the hips that they produce (well, most produce) are one of the many features of roses that endear me to them.  Some of our roses, such as New Dawn, Munstead Wood, Pink Supreme, Graham Thomas, Sedona, Tuscan Sun, Grüss an Achen and more are still flowering, but now that we are in the thick of Autumn, they are all winding down into their dormant period. Their bright red hips suspend like jewels amongst the foliage reminding me of the beautiful roses that preceded them and certain to be cheering me throughout the cold winter days ahead. ‘Pink Supreme’ (it might be just ‘Pink” but I’m unsure since it was not labeled when I purchased it) is consistently a real standout in our garden blooming from spring through frost, virtually disease and pest free, vigorous (almost to the point of rampant), and lovely in 4-seasons.