This is happening people!

‘Comte de Chambord’

In our house we hear the phrase, “This is happening, People!” as a prelude to just about everything. We have a teenager–you understand. So naturally when I popped out to the garden this evening and saw how many rosebuds seemed to appear overnight my first thought was that these rose blossoms are, in fact, happening. Here they are, warts and all with their crunchy, frost-bitten leaves, covered in aphid guts, weed seeds and even the occasional feather fluff. But hey, I’m not complaining because there will be roses!

‘Apothecary’s Rose’


‘Fantin Latour’

‘Georges Vibert’

‘Grüss an Aachen’

‘La Reine’

‘Madame Ernest Calvat’

‘Madame Hardy’

‘Madame Plantier’

‘Marchesa Boccella’ syn: ‘Jacques Cartier’

‘Rosa Mundi’

‘Rose de Rescht’

‘Treasure Trail’ (a modern Moss rose) It’s difficult to gauge size in this photo, but in reality this rosebud is only about the size of a pencil eraser tip. I was surprised to see it getting ready to bloom at all since this is a tiny rooted cutting.

‘Tuscany Superb’

‘Zépherine Drouhin’

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