Introducing ‘Celsiana’ Damask Rose

Hindsight being twenty-twenty, I wish I had taken more photos of this rose. ‘Celsiana’ only blooms once, in late spring here in central PA, so this year I won’t have any more blossoms to share with you but these. Each rose starts out as a large bud with frilly sepals that extend very high like a feathery cap and when fully open, the blossoms measure almost 4″ across revealing bright golden-yellow stamens. The foliage is a matte, light green. Only in it’s second year in our garden, our ‘Celsiana’ is still very small, but putting out a healthy amount of new growth so I am hopeful for next year’s show. (It’s been permanently planted in the garden in a less-than-ideal sunlight condition but still doing well.) In my opinion, this is an excellent rose.

EDIT: Of course I should mention that the threadlike leaves seen in the second and third pictures do not belong to ‘Celsiana’ but that of the Coreopsis that is planted nearby.

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    jessica says

    I have been eyeing this one for a few months now but I thing I am going to have to get my mom to get this one since I don’t have any room :)

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