A Wall of Roses

The Mister and I have been making an effort to explore our town a little more and what better way than to do so while walking the pups? A couple of evenings ago we were strolling through a quiet, unassuming little neighborhood when we fell into a fairy tale: An older property entirely surrounded by billowing roses which were pushing their canes through the slats in the wooden perimeter fence. It literally took my breath away. I don’t like to take photos of other people’s gardens, to respect their privacy and all, but this section which faced a public alley and didn’t actually show the house I felt OK doing so. It gives you an idea of what the entire yard looked like. We estimated about 200-300 feet of a 8 foot high, continuous stretch of roses, most of them which I assume were ‘Dr Van Fleet’. I have a new dream!

PS: Totally unrelated, but I am sitting outside as I type this and just now a flock of 6 chickadees flew down to investigate. They hopped all around the table, rose canes, hanging strawberry basket, and Redbud tree chattering all the while and paying me absolutely no mind. It was magical.

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    1. Hey Jessica–I missed this, sorry! Thank you so much for your comment. I think I’m going to try to find this house again in June to take a few more/better photos. ­čÖé

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