A sampling of roses blooming in our garden

Roses-in-our-Garden-_-Hedgerow-RoseOne of the things I’m trying to improve with myself is actually doing and not just thinking about a project. So, this morning I started with this: snipping all the roses I could find that were blooming and photographing them as a collection. Phew! I like how the arrangement came out even though I did realize after the fact I missed a few. Grr. Oh well! And of course some of our roses have already finished blooming and some haven’t started yet but it’s so neat to see the varying sizes, shapes and colors all side-by-side like this. There is so much variety! Ahh…I love them all. Would you like to see this photo without the labels? Click here to take you to my Flickr.

roses in teacups 2 | Hedgerow Rose

13 thoughts on “A sampling of roses blooming in our garden

  1. Thanks everyone! Happy you liked it.

    Lindsey, you’ll get there! I saw on your blog all the progress you’ve made already. It’s looking great. 🙂

  2. What a great way to display them and to really be able to study them away from the garden! Super idea, one I think I will try myself.

    Thanks for a beautiful post of roses.


  3. My goodness! I love the first picture. Amazing. How long have you been gardening roses?

    We are closing on a new house next month, so I am eager to get started on a garden. (The yard is quite a mess). I’m located in New England, so not sure if roses are just too difficult to grown in Zone 5. Any advice you have for a novice rose gardener? What species should I try for first? I’d love to have a trellis on the south-facing side of the house with a climbing rose variety. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Ruthie, thank you for your comment–it’s lovely to have you here! 🙂

      I’ve been gardening with roses for a couple decades but it’s only been in the last 5-10 years that I’ve begun to experiment with so many different varieties. Our current garden we’ve been cultivating for about 4 years and added close to 70 different roses in that time. My goal isn’t to grow as many as I can (although I admit that was an appealing notion not too long ago) but to find a group of roses that meet my specific criteria of what makes a beautiful rose and perform reliably year after year with hardly any intervention. (Phew, that was quite a run-on sentence.) You asked for some recommendations for your new garden and I thought you might like to take a look at this post I wrote not too long ago which has a list of roses ranked very highly by the American Rose Society and a good place to get started. Apart from that, I’m sure you have considered ‘New Dawn’ as a climber. That rose is all over New England (in particular, you might see a lot of photos of it growing against the cottages in Nantucket). I’ve had varying success with ‘New Dawn’ and I think it’s important to purchase yours from a reputable grower, but so many gardeners just love that rose it might be one you’d like to try. Here in central PA, I’ve seen ‘Demokracie’ growing successfully–it’s a red climber and hardy to zones 3b. Last, you might like to take a look at ‘William Baffin’ which is hardy to zone 2b. It’s one of my favorites–very hardy and rugged and can be trained as a climber but also makes an excellent (very large) shrub. I hope this was helpful as you plan your new garden (exciting!)

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