A Collection of Alba Roses

A collection of Alba Roses 1Hello everyone, so sorry for my brief absence! You know how it goes…life and all that. Right now, we’re getting our first snowfall of the season and I’m enjoying the quiet beauty, especially since tomorrow is my birthday and we make a tradition out of beginning our Christmas festivities on that day. How perfect for there to be a bit of snow when we’re strolling through town looking at the tree and the lights!

It’s also easy to enjoy the snow from the coziness of my warm bed, with a kitty at my feet and photos of June roses on my computer screen. This is a small collection of Alba roses we have growing in our garden. Do you grow Albas? I think they are one of the easiest of all roses to cultivate as they rarely seem bothered by pests and diseases and are tolerant of less sunshine than most roses.

A collection of Alba roses 3A collection of Alba roses waiting to be photographed. From left to right: Petite Lisette, Mme Plantier, Félicité Parmentier, Celestial. How I long for another gorgeous June afternoon like this one spent photographing roses in the garden. Can you think of anything more delightful?

felicite parmentier 10-1-1 Félicité Parmentier in June 2014Apologies for the photo quality of some of these as they were taken with my cell phone. Here’s the thing with Félcité…while I love her to pieces and would probably still plant her in a future garden, her blooms ball up terribly if there is a string of rainy days which is a very common occurrence here in Pennsylvania. Oh well. Don’t her blooms remind you a bit of Souvenir de la Malmaison?

Mme Plantier in June 2014Here we have Mme Plantier. Now, let me tell you about this gal. She is an amazing rose. Amazing! Don’t let the fact I can’t ever seem to get a decent photo sway you from growing this one. In our garden, Mme Plantier is never bothered by disease or pests and blooms beautifully even in a partly shady location. In fact, this is one that will get HUGE, so make sure to give her lots of room to shine.

Celestial in June 2014A close-up of Celestial (also known as Céleste), pretty in pink with lovely glaucous leaves. Celestial doesn’t mind her semi-shady location, either, but I do need to move her as she is in the path of a particularly naughty family of groundhogs who keep digging up her roots to make a doorway to their home.

Petite Lisette Alba Rose Petite LisettePetite Lisette…possibly one of my favorite roses in our garden. Unlike my other Albas she grows in full sun and seems quite happy, don’t you think? This rose is near perfection. I only wish her blooms would last longer in vases but they shatter quickly. Best enjoyed in the garden, planted along a path where one can enjoy her daily.

A collection of Alba roses 2A final photo of 3 out of 4 of the Albas in our garden. Hope you enjoyed this bit of June sunshine on this chilly November day!


9 thoughts on “A Collection of Alba Roses

  1. … Enchanting!!! I wonder if any of these Alba Roses can be grown in pots? I would love to have one in my terrace, but there’s only a place in partial shade left. Furthermore I’d be happy to grow a desease resistant rose! I long for your suggestions!

  2. Thank you all for the comments (and for the birthday wishes!)

    Cristina, you might be better off planting a smaller, modern shrub rose for a container. I love David Austins for just such an arrangement. Give ‘The Mayflower’ a try if you live in a drier climate…she is very disease resistant and has a habit much like an old garden rose (in my opinion.) However, if you live in a climate with much rain and humidity, she will ball up and you won’t get many open flowers, so in that case, a few other favorite David Austins of mine are ‘Munstead Wood’, ‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’ and ‘Lady of Shalott’. 🙂

  3. Lovely. I would love a June afternoon spent photographing roses, or just puttering in the garden. I seem to be going through garden withdrawal lately. Thanks for giving me a rose fix!

    I hope you had a very happy birthday. And now I understand a little better why you don’t like Thanksgiving! Matthias’ birthday is Christmas Eve and he hates Christmas (working in retail contributed to that, too).

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! It’s true, when I was younger I didn’t like sharing Thanksgiving with my birthday so tell Matthias I feel for him. Nowadays, though, we decided as a family to not celebrate it for political and personal reasons but I’m sure that nobody wants me to get on my soapbox about that. 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed the roses! I find on days like today, where it seems the sun never comes out, looking at garden photos are the best way to cheer up. 🙂

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