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First, I wanted to thank all of you for your very kind, very encouraging comments here and on IG and in emails regarding the work we’ve been doing at this new home and also about our gardens in general. Your comments, your thoughtfulness, your uplifting words, they really mean a lot to me and to Jesse who reads them, too! Also, forgive me but I do not have that post put together just yet about starting a new garden. It turned out to be a bigger endeavor than I initially thought and between my shop, our renovations and life in general, I haven’t had as much time for blogging as I would like. In the meantime, here are photos of the garden I took recently (in no particular order.) After all the midge problems we had in the past it feels positively decadent to have roses again, I’ll tell ya! Hope you are well and having a great week. ♡

A Shropshire Lad May 2016

Dark-Desire-via-Hedgerow-Rose‘Gräfin Diana’, aka ‘Dark Desire’

garden 5-17-01‘Strawberry Hill’

garden 5-17-1‘Mme Ernest Calvat’

garden 5-17-2

garden 5-17-3

garden 5-17-4

garden 5-17-5

garden 5-17-6‘St Swithun’

garden 5-17-7‘Munstead Wood’

garden 5-17-8

garden 5-17-9

garden 5-17-10

garden 5-17-11‘Gourmet Popcorn’

garden 5-17-12

garden 5-17-13

garden 5-17-14‘A Shropshire Lad’

garden 5-17-15‘Erinnerung an Brod’

garden 5-17-16

garden 5-17-17

garden 5-17-18

garden 5-17-19‘Sally Holmes’

garden 5-17-20

garden 5-17-21

garden 5-17-22

garden 5-17-23

garden 5-17-24‘Zaide’

garden 5-17-25‘Rêve d’Or’

garden 5-17-26‘Diana’s Delight’

garden 5-17-27

garden 5-17-28

garden 5-17-29

garden 5-17-30‘Celsiana’

garden 5-17-31

garden 5-17-32‘Burgundian Rose’

garden 5-17-33

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23 thoughts on “In Bloom

  1. Your roses are picture-perfect spilling over onto the dark frames of the raised beds. We have many of the same, but mine are a little behind. Munstead Wood is new this year, based on your recommendation. It is my only grafted rose. Dark Desire and Tess of The d’ Ubervilles are also new. Those three ought to shake up my pastel roses! Your clematis vines are beautiful, and the perfect companion to roses. Do you have a favorite that you’d recommend?

    1. How funny we’re both trying out Dark Desire this year! I do have two favorite Clematis so far. They are: Huldine and Venosa Violacea. Both wonderful! 😀

      1. I’m not familiar with Huldine, but will check it out. I was planning to buy Venosa Violacea this year. It is spactacular! I love Vancouver Sea Breeze and Vancouver Mystic Gem – palest lavender and pink, respectively. Crystal Fountain is always the first to bloom. Prince Charles and Sweet Summer Love should bloom in June. Afraid I did not pair up that last one very well. It’s planted with New Dawn, and they just don’t seem right for each other.

        1. Thank you for those clematis referrals! I’ll have to check them out. I planted sweet summer love in our garden last year and it did absolutely nothing but this year it’s taken off. We’ll see how it looks when it blooms. 😉

          1. Sweet Summer Love has a mind of it’s own. Mine took off like gangbusters the first year, then did nothing the second year. This is it’s 3rd year, and no buds yet. New Dawn needs a more elegant companion, but they’re stuck with each other.

            1. Ah, well I can share your frustration because I thought I was planting a Clair Austin with mine (mislabled cutting I rooted), but it turns out it’s Veilchenblau. Now, that’s a pretty awesome rose, but I wanted something that would repeat all season, and the two of them is going to be a lot of purple. Oh well!

  2. I think I like St. Swithun and Strawberry Hill the best (from the pictures, anyway– haven’t grown either). I’ll be really curious to see how your lavender does with higher humidity– I’ve been able to grow mine through the winter, but it always dies in the summertime no matter what I do for it.

    1. Hmm, that’s interesting about your lavender. We had super high humidity in our State College garden but it did ok, but then again it was planted against the south facing portion of the house so it was more protected there. Where we are now, the problem isn’t the humidity, it’s the cooler nightime temps. (We’re at an elevation.) So, we are having big time problems with powdery mildew on everything. It’s a learning curve! And I think you would like St Swithun and Strawberry Hill. 🙂

  3. Awesome! Of course the roses are all superb, however my favorite photo is the sun shining through the woods. I miss NC so much, it’s great to see a beautiful garden growing there – it is like a little taste of home each time. As always, thanks for sharing your garden and roses – your collection is already fantastic!! Hope you guys have a great week!

    1. I can see why you miss NC so much! I never thought I’d be much of a mountain person–always been more in love with the beach–but it’s so magical here, truly. Are you planning on visiting the area again anytime soon? The International Rose Trials final judging is in September, and they always do a nice little reception the evening before which is open to anyone. Might be worth a trip! 🙂

      1. We typically visit my parents every Christmas. This year my Dad is asking for us come during the summer as well. We will be in the Reems Creek area in August sometime. I wish I could be there for the Rose Trials, I noticed they moved it from May to September. I have two high schoolers and school begins in early September in Wisconsin. So maybe in a few years I can plan to be there – it would be really fun to attend! Enjoy your weekend!

        1. Yes, it got moved to September since so many participants are very active with other rose-related stuff in May. Maybe in a few years! 🙂

  4. Very beautiful. I am envious of your blooms. We had a very bad hail storm several weeks ago. Unfortunately my garden was basically demolish. I have 2 peony bush with some blooms out of 30 plants! I was in shock when I saw what was the remains of my beautiful garden. But I know they will grow again. I just wish I had a garden remote button and fast forward it.. 😉

    1. Oh nooooo! I’ve experienced storms like that in the past and it is just the worst what it does to the garden. I’m so sorry. Thank goodness we’re at the beginning of the season and you have a few months of blooms ahead of you. Hope things bounce back quickly!

  5. Beautiful! Have you had Bascobel long enough to judge her blackspot resistance? I’m deliberating between this and Princess Alexandra of Kent.

    1. Boscobel is new to me this year so not much of an opinion formed just yet other than so far I prefer the flowers on PAofK. 🙂

  6. I am in awe of the size of your roses, after so little time they are already very respectable and no-one on this side of the rockies would ever believe that your fabulous garden is so young!

    1. Haha! Thank you Juliette! The roses in the raised beds are, not surprisingly, doing better than the rest. Gotta say, getting the soil here to something resembling anything decent is going to be one of our biggest challenges. 😉

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