Home Sweet Home – A new ring

When do you feel most at home? Is it when your family is with you? Is it when you’re in the garden? For me, it’s both. This summer my daughter and husband have been taking turns traveling–if it’s not one it’s the other who is away from home. But today, the husband returns and I’ll have my two most favorite people in the world back and all will be well again. Early this morning, before it became surface-of-the-sun hot, I was moving through the garden like a little bee pausing from one rose to the next (checking for sawfly larvae which are very abundant this summer) and feeling so at peace. Being in the garden soothes me as I’m sure it does you, too. That time spent and reflection of what makes a house a home inspired today’s ring which I’ll put in the shop as soon as I get some coffee in me to make it through the rest of the afternoon. By the way, severe thunderstorms across the north east today. Be safe out there!

Wild rose and leaves “Home” ring in the Shop: sterling, brass, garnet SOLD

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home – A new ring

  1. Beautiful photos and I adore that ring! Being in the garden soothes me as well. I was puttering about in it very early this morning as I couldn’t sleep & decided to stop being frustrated about not sleeping and got up. After I got dressed the first thing I wanted to see was if there were more morning glories blooming – there are! :o)

    1. We are cut from the same cloth, I think! The first thing I do–sometimes even before I’ve had my coffee (gasp!) is go outside to the garden to see “what’s new.” So glad you stopped by!

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