Two new songbird rings ~ home and love

Made up two new “Songbird Rings” (remember these?)Love Ring


I keep coming back to this theme of home, and most especially in light of recent events, love. So much I want to say about that–these recent, very sad events–but can’t seem to form the words.  Sometimes there are no words, I suppose. So I guess I’ll just keep tinkering away in my tiny basement studio to shine a bit of light in dark. We all could use a bit of that these days!

And speaking of songbirds, and more cheerful discourse, our garden (more specifically the watering hole) was visited by a small flock of  white-winged crossbills last week. It was a first time for me to see them in person and what a thrill. Such lovely creatures. Every season brings more birds. Jesse said I’m making the garden a regular way-station. OK! That’s fine by me!}

Hedgerow Rose Jewelry