Get your Medieval on. New jewelry–including another Winter is Coming ring

Winter is Coming Ring | Hedgerow Rose


Winter is Coming Ring – Sterling silver, 14kt gold, London blue topaz

One of the many benefits of attending an artsy-fartsy school as a child meant I had unlimited access to their costume department–back then we could “check out” a costume as you would a library book and I made use of that as often as possible. My favorite costumes were the medieval and renaissance-style gowns which, truth be known, I would just wear around the house. For as long I can remember I’ve had a love for stories with knights, lords and ladies and in my adulthood still enjoy the good fantasy novel as well as my favorite genre: historical fiction. I’m fascinated with history, in point of fact have toyed with the idea of going back to school for Medieval Studies but that’s a “someday if we win the lottery” type of dream. In the meantime, rings with a Medieval and/or Renaissance flair pop up in my shop from time to time. I honestly don’t even know if anyone even really likes these pieces, but strangely the concept of selling them is the last thing on my mind when creating. I just feel compelled to–and if you have any creative bone in your body then I think you understand that there’s no turning away from that. Also, I’ve been reading this amazing book and we have plans to visit the RenFaire next month so I doubt these types of pieces will be slowing down anytime soon. By the way, don’t forget to enter my giveaway–just a few more days left!

Eleanor of Aquitaine Ruby Ring | Hedgerow RoseRuby Eleanor or Aquitaine Ring 2 | Hedgerow Rose

Ruby Eleanor of Aquitaine Ring Sterling, Brass, Ruby

Sterling Silver Owl Eye Athena Ring 1 | Hedgerow Rose Sterling Silver Owl Eye Athena Ring 2 | Hedgerow Rose

Sterling Athena Owl-Eye Ring – The word along the base of the setting reads, “WISDOM”

Lapis Lazuli Ring | Hedgerow Rose

Lapis Lazuli and Sterling Silver Ring

Downton Abbey Inspired Cameo and Garnet Earrings | Hedgerow Rose

Admittedly, these earrings were more Downton Abbey inspired–vintage cameos and garnets in sterling

Turquoise Flourish Ring | Hedgerow Rose Jewelry Turquoise Flourish Ring 2 | Hedgerow Rose Jewelry

Turquoise Flourish Ring – Sterling, brass, natural turquoise

Emerald Eleanor of Aquitaine Ring 2 | Hedgerow Rose JewelryEmerald Eleanor of Aquitaine Ring 1 | Hedgerow Rose Jewelry

Emerald Eleanor of Aquitaine Ring – Sterling, brass, natural faceted emerald

6 thoughts on “Get your Medieval on. New jewelry–including another Winter is Coming ring

  1. YES, such beautiful rings. I think you should post some pictures of you in those medieval and renaissance-style gowns! You can see the genesis of where this all began, which is pretty dang awesome!

  2. Hello,
    I like the ring “Winter is coming ”
    Is it possible to buy one?
    Please, please…
    I am in Belgium , and you,where are you?
    Thank you for answer and have a nice week. ( Sorry, my english isn’t very good!)

    1. Hi Bernadette, thank you so much for your kind comment! Unfortunately those rings are currently sold out. I plan to make more after the holidays if you’d like to check back. 🙂

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