A Garden Tour

It’s official, I’m exhausted. Spring and early summer are the busiest times for me in the garden beginning with the first compost delivery and finishing with the final plantings of annuals in containers. This spring, we started a new adventure: a patio/driveway garden in the front of our house (where it gets the most sun) complete with a raised veggie bed, several 8′ shelves for my growing collection of baby roses, and seriously more containers than I can count filled with more hybrid tea, floribunda, climbing, and shrub roses; plus tomatoes, herbs, more veggies, and colorful annuals. I  spent today rearranging the entire patio garden, moving these giant tubs of roses around that must weigh about 70lbs each, transplanting some roses from the garden into containers, planting even more annuals, and basically making everything look awesome. Oh did I mention? We also weeded and mulched the pumpkin patch. So I’m exhausted, but in a good way, and I can now say that the garden is officially “open.” All that’s left to do for the remainder of the summer is maintenance and enjoyment! In honor of that, I created a slideshow containing a select few of the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken over the past few weeks. I tried to not include pictures of all of my roses, because that would be truly overwhelming, and I do actually grow other perennials and annuals. Really!  Would you like a short garden tour?



7 thoughts on “A Garden Tour

  1. What a wonderful walk around your garden! It always amazes me that we might have the same plants, but some of yours are so far ahead of mine.

    Besides your pictures are stunning!

  2. wow girlie you are a HARD worker. All that work has paid off in a major way, what a wonderful sanctuary you have created. Can we come over for mimosas?

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