Flowering Crabapples

Malus ‘Fozam’ FOXFIRE™

I so look forward to the flowering of the crabapples in our garden, but sadly this year they did not bloom (their buds, along with the lilacs, were frozen off earlier this spring.) It seems strange to not be carrying in armloads of flowering branches to enliven our home, nor to stand beneath a rainshower of pink petals whilst perhaps listening to the song of the catbirds. But the good news is, there were crabapples in other areas of our little town that were flowering abundantly like these I photographed at the Arboretum. Aren’t they so pretty? I truly feel a garden is incomplete without these beautiful trees; smaller in stature (perfect for a front yard), a source of food for so many little critters, and of course lovely year-round.

Malus sargentii ‘Tina’

Malus ‘Prairifire’

Malus ‘Bob White’

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