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Laurie of Hedgerow RoseHello, my name is Laurie.  “A good Scottish name” my grandfather once said in that important tone of voice reserved for things like quality Science Fiction or a proper meal. My name rhymes with “starry” not “story” which tends to throw people off. If it helps you, think of Jo from Little Women saying, “He’s not a boy, he’s Laurie!” Yes, I have a boy’s name. 😉

I’m a California girl. I grew up in Los Angeles and San Diego and went to college in Humboldt County. However, when my daughter was a baby, we moved to Pennsylvania and spent the next 18 years there. In 2015, we packed it all up again and moved to western North Carolina. (I’d had enough of those PA winters.) Actually, I’ve moved a lot in my lifetime. Close to about 35 times? It’s a long story. At every place I’ve lived, I planted a garden. No joke. Even when I was a small child I had my own garden. I feel a bit like a Johnny Appleseed when I think of all the plants I’ve nurtured in various parts of the country and it comes as no surprise that roses are my favorite; I plant them wherever I go.

I was an elementary teacher for some time, but when I decided to leave the profession, my background in art came in handy. For the past 7 years I’ve had the opportunity to work from a home studio and that freedom allowed me more time to write and photograph for Hedgerow Rose. I’ve definitely become a better gardener through blogging and this space has introduced me to so many fun people I would never have met otherwise.

It’s been lovely to meet you and Happy Gardening!






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  1. Hi,
    Your pictures are so beautiful of your own flowers, as well as the ones you take while on your walks. What area are you in? Just curious what area promotes such beautiful flower growth.


  2. Hi

    I love your site and especially the types of roses. I have around 100 roses and when going through my list I realised I have very few Gallica’s and will remedy that very soon.

    Thanks for the great information on rose types and the wonderful photos.

    1. Thank you Maria! I’m pleased as punch you are enjoying the photos and good luck with the Gallicas. They’re one of my favorite class of roses! 🙂

  3. Hello Laurie! My name is Laurie, too, and I just love your site. You are obviously a great gardner as well as talented artist. Beautiful photos! I have a passion for DA roses, hydrangeas and sweet peas or really any plant that falls into my hands, so I can relate! I so look forward to reading your blog.

    1. Hi Laurie, nice to meet you! You have a great name! 😉 Thank you for your visit and sweet words, they brightened my day. I think we share the same “problem” of loving too many flowers, hahaha. Hope you enjoy your visit here!

  4. Hi Laurie, I found your site seeking information about Austins and immediately became your follower. Your garden are amazing. Could you share the tips how you protect your roses planted in pots in winter? I live in the same zone 6b, near Boston. MA. I have developed a huge addiction to roses for last two years)), having more than 30 roses both climbing and bushes.

    1. Hi Irina, thank you so much and welcome! 🙂
      I have a post here and here that talks about protecting container roses in winter that should help you. Also, here is a my Roses 101 page with additional posts which may interest you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

      1. Oh, thank you so much. You have provided me (and other rose lovers) with the deepest secrets how to deal with roses. Here in New England we have a very bad soil – clay and rocks – it is so hard to dig deep holes especially for roses. I have about 30 roses, and my garden is not big, I would say it is tiny, so I have decided to try a pot rose garden this year.

  5. hi,Laurie.I like your informations about types Rose and I like rose .I hope to talk with you about Rose and garden.My English is not verry well.Are you use Facebook or Yahoo..? I want to make friends with you.I hope you agree.

      1. I’m really like your blog.I usually visit your blog,I want to talk with you more and more but English is clog.I’m Vietnamese.Do you know Việt Nam.?

  6. Laurie, I live north of Mobile, Al. I had a small bed of Hyrid Teas that were not looking so good.
    I decided to buy some new ones to supplement the bed before a Mother’s Day event and began to realize that there seems to be a trend away from growing HT. I have found a few available, but wondered if I could mix some floribundas in this bed and be able to still get a consistent look of a Rose Garden with my hybrid Teas.

    Have no experience with the Austin Roses, but am thinking about how to incorporate them into my landscape.
    I will keep following you to learn more about that.

    I have a bed with knockout roses which have been beautiful this spring. I think you are accurate in saying they are a gateway rose.
    Thank You,

    1. Hi Beth, welcome! 🙂
      I think you’ll have lots of fun adding Floribundas and David Austin roses to your borders and they will look beautiful with your HT’s. I have a rose-gardening pal who is quite an expert on this who also happens to live in Alabama. You might want to check out his blog here: Redneck Rosarian

  7. Hi Laurie, I found your blog looking for a handbook on roses. I just ordered roses for dummies on Amazon and was wondering on how roses are rated. Roses are my favorite flower so any advise on growing them is greatly appreciated. I live in Northeast PA, this year has been very wet and blackspot disease is rampant among my rose bushes. The Japanese beetles however, are few and far between (thank God). Anyway, I am glad for your wonderful website, and I love all the beautiful pictures.

    1. Hi Barbara, welcome! I used to live in Northeast PA, too. (Moscow, and I taught in Mt Pocono.) Small world! Not sure you’ve visited this place yet, but my favorite garden center when I lived in NEPA was Greystone Gardens. They know their stuff there and the roses they sell are suited to the climate. Blackspot was/is sort of the bane of my existence so I’m always on the hunt for ones that are resistant. I put together a list of some favorites here if you’re interested. Thanks for your visit! 🙂

  8. Hi Laurie,
    I met your beautiful daughter last week in Asheville at Homewood Suites. I am sorry for not remembering her name, but she was lovely. I was traveling with my husband and hanging out in the newly-renovated lobby of the hotel when we struck up a conversation about flowers. She mentioned your blog and immediately I was interested. I’ve already sent a link to your site to a friend who is in the Roses 101 class, so to speak.

    I have black spot on my roses. I’ve been dealing with it for 18 years now. I’m not giving up! I will search your blog for help. I am a former Master Gardener in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.

    1. Hi Deborah! How nice to meet you! That’s so neat that you met Madison (and I’ll have to thank her for referring you to my blog.) I think she’s pretty lovely, too. 😉 I’m so sorry to hear about your blackspot–it’s something I’ve always had to keep a watch out for. Some roses I’ve simply had to harden my heart and get rid of because they were just too much bother. I hope my blog is helpful to you! ♡♡

  9. I still have an original ‘Eden’ rose growing in my garden, fantastic blooms very disease resistant ,bought in the early fifties from Gregories of Nottingham. It has been moved once in the garden.

  10. Hey Laurie! I was just trying to do a genealogy search on Dr Walter Van Fleet and came across your blog! I loved your story… and love that you’ve started new cuttings along the way as you’ve moved. I have tried to do the same thing!

  11. Hello Laurie! My name is Qian Liu from China. I found your site when I was searching for some rose cultivars information. Your story and photos are really amazing. I’m working for Tasha Gardening now. We have more than 100 000 followers in our wechat platform. I wish I could translate some of your articles to Chinese gardeners and share your experiences and stories to more people in China. Wish to get your permission.

    1. Hi Qian Liu!
      Thank you for your visit. To answer your question, I prefer my articles and photos to stay here on my site. I’ve had issues in the past with individuals plagiarizing my hard work for their own financial gain so, unfortunately, I’ve had to get tougher about that. However, I don’t want your readers to miss out on any helpful information so please feel free to direct them here and remind them that they can use the Google Translate feature which can be found at the top of the page. Thanks again! 🙂

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