Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms Dreamy SeaIsle of Palms – Dreamy Sea – Stretched Canvas Print

When we were in the process of relocating, anyone who was from this area that crossed our path was asked this question, “How far away is it to the nearest/nicest beach?” I was surprised to initially learn that the nearest beach to Asheville is, in fact, not in North Carolina but South!

Isle of Palms 1Throughout the stress of this move, my husband and I had one thing keeping us going–a trip to the sea, and as soon as possible. When the opportunity came up to take a quick jaunt to Charleston, Isle of Palms to be exact, we pounced.

Isle of Palms 2Although we were only there for a very short visit, it was just what we both needed to feel recharged.

Isle of Palms 3I love the mountains, truly, but the ocean makes me absolutely giddy. It’s a dream of mine to have a rose-filled cottage by the sea someday.

Isle of Palms 4What about you, mountains or beach?

Isle of Palms Sparkly Sea

9 thoughts on “Isle of Palms

  1. Beautiful pictures! So glad we get to experience so many diverse environments. I love the mountains, but the beach is the best place ever to feel better fast!

  2. That little hermit crab made me smile, just chillin’ there.
    I definitely like the mountains better than the beach. The climate, the scenery, the biome– everything. I feel my best in the mountains. However– I do collect seashells. I love the NC coast in the wintertime. It’s just in the migrain-y heat and brightness of the summer, with so many people everywhere, that I don’t enjoy it. I’ve always wondered how I would feel about a place where there are mountains at the beach.

    1. I know just what you mean about the over-crowded beaches and too bright sun. I am looking forward to exploring the NC beaches in wintertime. Is there a best month to visit?
      Have you ever had a chance to explore the Pacific Northwest? The mountains and trees creep right up to the shoreline (and sometimes even in the water) and, from my experience, are usually empty and serene.

  3. How restorative! I love the beach and mountains. Your dream cottage sounds just perfect, though.

    Hope you are settling in. Moving really shakes everything up.

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