Bits of Home ~ January’s Roses

Sharing some recent photos from one of my Flickr sets which initially began as a photo-a-day project (but got real old real fast and is now is just part of my “Home” set.**) My favorite places to shop for rose-themed items is on Etsy, in particular in their vintage section. I’ve picked up a couple of rose paintings and also found some gorgeous fabric with which I made a headboard for our bed (top photo.) I’m lucky in that my husband and daughter don’t mind that I fill the house with roses in and off season, but I’m careful to not go too overboard lest I quickly lose this privilege!


**Gosh, it’s funny how after you write something you reflect on it hours later and realize you need to go back in and do a little ‘splainin’. For those of you who are wondering why after only 19 days I called it quits on “Project 365” here’s why: I’m a perfectionist. I know, that’s silly and I shouldn’t be, but there it is. Taking a photo a day wasn’t the problem, it was archiving what I deemed were terrible pictures because I had to have a picture that day, even if I was incredibly busy with other things. I guess that’s just not the way I function; I’m constantly editing my work. I think “Project 365” is a worthwhile endeavour, though, and I honestly wish I had it in me to be a less self-critical kind of person. Oh well, there’s always next year!

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