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Last weekend Jesse and I spent a lot of time thinking about new goals. It’s funny, how when you’re younger the things that are important to you or you think will make you feel better about yourself. When I was in college, I wanted to be a children’s book illustrator and I have carried that dream all these years gauging all of my other “successes” against it–they never measured up. But the world is changing by the minute and the things that seemed to matter once before are no longer relevant or even achieved by the old routes, anyhow. In addition to being the best parents we can be to our daughter (keeping her safe and providing all the opportunities we can for her to grow up healthy and happy), we have realized other goals that have put us on a big learning curve: Like getting completely out of debt, wouldn’t that be nice? Or how about being less dependent on manufacturers and grocery stores to provide our basic needs? Like I said to Jesse, I know a thing or two about gardening, but it’s mostly for ornamentals. Planning, growing, harvesting, storing food that we’ve grown ourselves? That’s a goal we’re moving towards together, learning as we go. This weekend we have dubbed “fruit weekend” and we will be planting a row of blueberry bushes and a fruit tree. I’m not sure what the big picture is or where we’re going to even be in a few years, like will I ever write that book, but focusing on small projects like these just seem to make the most sense right now, you know?

PS: Recently, I can’t seem to get enough of this blog. If you’re feeling like you, too, want to take steps in another direction, one that puts you on the path of a more honest, healthy, slower-paced, more self sufficient lifestyle I recommend you check it out.

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7 thoughts on “New goals

  1. This year we started for the first time green beans, carrots and garlic. My parents and my moms parents had gardens and I helped some but never really paid attention to what they were doing before harvest. I mean I know the basics but I had to ask my mom a few thing just to make sure lol… I don’t think we grew carrots when I was little so that will be a fun experience 🙂

    I grew up with 2 apple trees, cherry tree (maybe 2) and a pear tree. That was cool, I miss going to the fence line to get fruits.. my parents lost that house and land due to bankruptcy a few years ago… I miss it.. I want to buy it back one day if I can.. oh I blabbed lol sorry 🙂

    1. Oh I hate when I have more to add but push the send button anyway..

      I think its good for people to grow something that’s edible if they can, it helps get people up and outside doing stuff and watching something grow that you started is amazing 🙂

      Also its a cheap way for people to get some foods if they don’t have a lot of money… oh I forgot I just started this morning lettuce, herbs, tomatoes and jalapeño peppers. Darren grows the extremely hot peppers.. the worlds hottest actually

      1. Your story reminded me of when my sister and I were children growing up in southern California. Picking avocados, lemons/limes, pomegranates, figs, carob, even macadamia nuts any time we wanted and that was just in our small neighborhood! We took those things for granted that’s for sure. One of the things I like about that blog I mentioned is that he talks about eating what’s around you (and in season). Seems like such a simple thing, right? Good luck with your garden! I’ll be following along over on IG. 🙂

  2. Oh wow you had those when you were a kid! I would like to have nut trees whenever we get to the country..

    Yes its amazing what we take for granted, I visited the Whole Larder Love and it is a very nice blog! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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