Edging, weeding, edging, weeding…It’s officially spring

Well if I was at all wondering if spring had truly arrived, the sight of hundreds of weeds suddenly appearing in our garden was the answer to my question. They. are. everywhere. Mainly in the areas of the garden that received the most neglect and lack of mulch last year, of course. Also, the edges of all our borders desperately needed a tidying up which means I got to bust out my new gardening tool which I love. It’s a knife-edge border edger thingy from Clarington Forge (my splurge) and really gets the job done. I’m on the last bed now, the worst one, the one underneath the maple tree which is filled with weeds, tree roots and thick grass. Seriously, who needs a gym membership? A couple more days of this and I’ll have arms like Madonna. 😉


4 thoughts on “Edging, weeding, edging, weeding…It’s officially spring

  1. I did my tenches when it first got warm but I only have a little to do, I have one small bed left. I haven’t done a lot of weeding except for wild onions and know weeds because I don’t know what is coming up lol, oh and another spreading weed that can cover a small area over night that has pretty, little purple flowers in it I am battling and I’m currently losing..

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