In Bloom: May 2015

In-Bloom-May-2015A Happy May to you! My apologies for being so absent as of late. It occurred to me not long ago that along with leaving my garden, I seem to have also lost my blogging voice. I’ve been in a bit of shock, really, with this move and all the changes that came with it, and I feel like Pepper when she was hiding in the wall not wanting to venture out!

Piñata in bloom‘Piñata’

There have been many times these past few weeks where I’ve asked myself if we did the right thing in coming here, but I know that’s probably normal. As a gardener, I can’t help but think about all the bulbs that I planted last fall in the former garden and how they must look right now as well as the Hellebores, the Lilacs and the Forget-Me-Nots. By a strange turn of events, our daughter is spending this spring at our old house and sends me garden updates: The Clematis is in full bloom and has reached the roof, the Bleeding Heart and Pulmonaria are in flower. I can’t even ask about the roses!

me in new garden

Realizing I was being a mite maudlin I gave myself a photo assignment to go around the yard and gather everything that I could find that was in bloom–that’s the photo you see at the top. That, and a little retail therapy at a few garden centers, was just what I needed to start recognizing that this new garden could eventually feel like home, too.

I recently had a comment from a helpful reader asking if I could start labeling the plants I show and I will try to do that more frequently. So, here are a handful of plants in bloom now, including the Piñata rose I bought for only 10 bucks!

PS: How do you like my new yellow boots? These were the ones that sent me into a meltdown that one day, hahaha. Still looking for the perfect pair to wear around the garden. Suggestions?

Native Azaleas 2Native Azalea

Veronica First LoveVeronica ‘First Love’

Viburnum and little beeViburnum opulus (can you spot the bee?) This shrub is huge…

Viburnum opulusSee? I LOVE IT.

Bearded Iris Rio VistaWe installed a couple new raised beds and filled them already! Here is Bearded Iris ‘Rio Vista’

Wildflowers in MayComing up….

There are a couple of projects planned for June that will shape the flower garden area up and make it look less “foresty.” I’ve also recently added a handful of David Austin roses that of course I’ll share once they bloom.

I’ll be attending the reception for the Biltmore Rose trials this month. I’ll take photos!

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29 thoughts on “In Bloom: May 2015

  1. Just lovely! I know a big move can be hard. So much loss! Having grown up in Asheville though,I know you’ll soon find a lot of like-minded plant-loving people. Hopefully, that will ease the transition. Best of luck with the new garden!

    1. Thank you Adrienne! I have to say I have met the nicest people since we’ve arrived. Everyone is so friendly and Asheville is such a lovely city.

  2. Hi!
    I have missed your posts and am so happy to see this new post.
    You will get your groove back…! When I feel like I have lost mine, I Turn on my favorite music loudly, put on my fave jeans, burn some incense and get into the garden all day long!
    Cooking with music on helps me too…
    The new pics are so pretty and love the viburnum! Wishing you lots of happiness, love and laughter in you new home and garden!

    1. Thank you Holly! I love your suggestions; why haven’t I thought of that?! I’ll get back into the swing of things soon….I hope! 😉

  3. So many lovely blooms already! I can’t wait to see what you do with it. I like the idea of roses in the forest0like area. 🙂

    1. A gal’s gotta have roses…forest or no! Actually I made it sound a bit Orc-like but we aren’t actually clearing trees that should be there. Mostly scrub and whatnots that are encroaching on the house.

  4. What a lovely bunch of flower gifts your new garden has prepared for you.

    They were probably dreaming of the day you would arrive and bring them more friends to play and grow with. Perhaps they are the ones that whispered in the real estate agent’s ear to bring you to see the house. As a thank you they must be singing you sweet songs of thank you for being there.

    Can’t wait to see what you will be sharing about all the new things your home as to offer.

    1. Hee hee you make it sound like we live in a fairy-tale! Oh wait, maybe we do. 😉
      Forgot to tell you how the tufted titmice were harassing me to put up a feeder. I’m being serious! They were pretty dang cute.

      1. YES – maybe you do! Not everyone has a tufted titmouse talking to them. I have to admit though that mine are always trying to get me to come out and play. I keep telling them I have work to do and they just make get more insistent!

  5. I can understand your feelings over the move! I have ever only lived within a half hour from where I was born, but we are starting to contemplate moving far away. It’s exciting to think of, but terrifying at the same time. I imagine there is a time of mourning involved, and that is probably where you are. {{{hugs}}} Bit by bit (seed by seed) that place will become home.

    1. Exciting and terrifying–yes!! But Jesse and I are always saying that we’re such creatures of habit and easily get ourselves into patterns. We’d never change or experience new adventures if we didn’t force ourselves to shake things up once in a while. Where are you thinking of moving to?

  6. I love ‘First Love’ ! Hands down my favorite veronica. ‘Sunny Border Blue’ and ‘First Lady’ would be runners-up. Your Carolina spicebush is pretty, too– that rusty burgundy is nice to have in the springtime. I’ve always thought they smelled like strawberry yogurt.

    1. Oh my gosh they DO smell like strawberry yogurt! I’ve been trying to pinpoint the scent all this time.
      Can never have too much Veronica, right? When I see them at the nurseries I try to pick up one or two. (I also snagged a sunny border blue.) 🙂

  7. This will not be helpful in anyway but the garden retail therapy has been going strong here as well!
    I know I need to stop but yesterday I found a good size Madame Plantier, a mock orange and some alpine strawberries amongst other things….

    Boot wise I use a pair I got in France, they are navy with white stripes from the brand Aigle. Everybody wears those by the ocean. Inland people wear a green version. They seem very pricey in the US but at home I spend 40 euros max.
    they have a VERY swanky website

    1. Sign me up for all those plants!! You have excellent taste. 😉 I tried to get some cuttings to root from the Mme Plantier at our old house but they didn’t take. I think it was because I had to take them while it was still technically winter. I’m going back in a couple weeks and I think I’ll sneak a few more, heh heh.
      Love your boot suggestion. Those are gorgeous! Maybe I’ll even see about the clogs, too, b/c those are always hand to have around. Thanks Juliette!

  8. Love your neon yellow boots..Can’t get lost in your “forest” wearing that. I love pretty boots but they never seem to last for a season. I finally gave up on having a pair of pretty boots and go for practicality and bought a pair from Tractor Supply in a navy blue color. The color have faded but the boots is sturdy as ever. I love my boots..

    1. Thanks for the tip! I’ll check them out as we have a TSC right down the road from us. Yeah…as much as I like the “pretty” boots they never seem to hold up to what I put them through!

  9. What a glorious canvas for your new garden! I can’t wait to see all of the beauty you will create!

  10. I’ll say you have a lovely abundance of wonderful flora there in your new house already! Whenever lamenting a former home and gardens I remind myself what a friend said to me, “Wherever you go you will make your new home just as wonderful or even better!”

    Garden boots/shoes are always a pain for me, literally. I’ve tried so many it’s ridiculous. I do like the new boots I got at Target several weeks ago. But I prefer a quick slip on and off shoe. But have yet to find a pair that are comfortable for very long.

    By the way, my Lauren’s Grae poppies are growing well and I’ve been feeding with fish fertilizer, some are about 6″ now. No sign of a stalk yet though. Do you think they’ll bloom soon? Or at all? My neighbors orange poppies are blooming now, but they are all volunteers that have re-seeded.

    1. I like to be able to slip my boots off and on, too. I had a decent pair before but literally wore them into oblivion. Can’t remember the brand name, though.
      As for the poppies, give them a little time. In our former garden, I would sow the seeds in February, they’d emerge sometime in April, and bloom in June. You’d be amazed at how big the crown of leaves get before they actually send up their blooms. I haven’t sown any in this new garden but I saved some seeds for next year. Let me know if you get any flowers…I’m crossing fingers for you!

  11. A bit life change like you’ve had is bound to take a little getting used to. You’ll figure everything out and feel your way back to your blogging voice.

    Lovely to see all that’s in bloom in your garden. So much still to look forward to. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tip!

      It’s so nice to see the bees here and we’re hoping to draw more to the garden. 🙂

      1. I know we’re not in the exact same place, but I’m sure you’ll find that this article covers everything you might need to achieve that goal:)

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