I Saved Him!

Her? Cabbage White butterflies can be distinguished by their spots: two on each wing for a female and one on each wing for a male. I assume this is a male, however the bottom wings show evidence of two spots sort of slurred together so who knows.

 At any rate, this little butterfly is now free to roam the fields once more.

12 thoughts on “I Saved Him!

          1. I sorta forgot that they are caterpillars before butterflies haha (yes I am a blonde) so that is why they are called Cabbage White ;^)

          2. PS I just noticed your lace curtains, I am looking for something like that but they are more then what I want to pay. I will probably just make some..

            1. Believe it or not we found ours at Target for probably what we would spend if I purchased the fabric outright, but yeah, making them yourself is better.

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