My first book cover!

The Daily Shift by Beca Lewis | Hedgerow RoseA few months ago I mentioned there were some side projects keeping my attention from my workbench and one of them was this cover for my mom’s latest book. When she asked me to collaborate with her I was so excited because I’ve never done anything like this before and it meant I could spend a little time on design which I secretly love to do. This collaboration will also extend into new covers for her past published books and website–both of which we felt is due for a fresh take (so, more to come on that). This particular cover features a common buckeye butterfly which frequent our garden in the summer (see additional photos below.) When this little guy got his (her?) photo taken last summer little did it, or I, know that it would become immortalized on paper. I know Beca Lewis is my mom and all, so technically I’m supposed to say this, but I mean this with all my heart that it’s been such a pleasure creating this cover, and I truly think this is her best book yet!

For more about these lovely butterflies, please visit this post.

One thought on “My first book cover!

  1. How funny – sad – that I didn’t see this post. I LOVE this book cover, and I found this post while looking up your butterfly pictures for the next cover. Thank you for doing this with me once again!

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