The Many Moods of ‘Grüss an Aachen’

When our daughter was younger, she loved the movie Stuart Little and it was on a lot in the background. Remember the scene where the actor Taylor Negron, a mall salesman, tries to sell a wardrobe for Stuart that is fashioned by a Ken doll and he refers to the costume changes as “The many moods of Ken?” I don’t know why that scene cracked me up so much, and OK, it’s a little silly but it reminds me of our floribunda ‘Grüss an Aachen’ and it’s many moods. This pretty rose, (I think I read somewhere that David Austin considers it to be an “English Rose” because of it’s similar characteristics), goes through so many changes in it’s bloom form and color, if you didn’t know any better you’d think someone switched it out on you when you weren’t looking. Pretty sure the air temperature and humidity play a big roll in it’s many moods, but regardless, it’s lovely in whatever “outfit” it chooses!

PS: Have you checked out the latest ARS magazine? Wow! Talk about jam-packed with relevant info and gorgeous photos. I’m impressed. Plus, the article by Bill Radler about the ridiculous search for perfection was especially good. “I think that it is time to chill-out with our gardens.” Haha, yes it is!

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Laurie Lewis is a gardener, consulting rosarian, writer and photographer currently creating a new garden with her husband, 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 beehives and 5 chickens.