‘Reine des Violettes’ Hybrid Perpetual Rose

reine des violettes june 2013 5reine des violettes june 2013 2 reine des violettes june 2013 3 reine des violettes june 2013 4reine des violettes june 2013 9 Reine-des-Violettes-rose-in-June Dewdrops on Reine des ViolettesYes, this rose really is this beautiful and this color in real life. Meet ‘Reine des Violettes’, a popular Hybrid Perpetual from France, 1860. Pretty magenta/purplish coloring, sumptuous habit, shade tolerance, delicious scent and some repeat bloom–she really is a queen among roses. I’m sure you’ve already guessed this is not my garden (well, the last photo of the leaf is) although I do grow ‘Reine des Violettes’ mine was started out as a band and is nowhere near this size especially since last spring a very naughty cottontail decided her canes would make a tasty snack. Thank heavens for the Arboretum (where these photos were taken) for satisfying a rose craving when ours are still in their early years. {If you like this purplish coloring, you might also like to give ‘Rose de Rescht’ a whirl. To my eye a very similar rose with wonderful characteristics.}

7 thoughts on “‘Reine des Violettes’ Hybrid Perpetual Rose

  1. What an amazing colour this rose has! I have been looking for a blueish/purple rose for some time and bought the Rhapsody in blue and Waltz time, but when I see Reinne de Violettes, I think I may prefer this one!

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  2. I have this rose and it has long canes. How do you suggest to support? Its windy in my area and i don’t want it to get damaged

    1. Hi Jessamyn! That arching habit seems to be typical for this rose–and I would say just “go with it” b/c when it reaches mature size it is quite breathtaking! If you’re worried about strong winds in your garden, do you have room to plant a living “windbreak” of sorts? (I’m thinking a line of larger shrubs/smaller evergreens planted to block the wind.) Many of your other plants will benefit from this protection, too. Here’s a link from the Royal Horticultural Society with some tips. Hope this helps! 🙂

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