‘Cornelia’ Hybrid Musk Rose

cornelia june 2013 13cornelia 10-15-2 cornelia june 2013 2 cornelia june 2013 3 cornelia june 2013 4 cornelia june 2013 7 cornelia june 2013 10 cornelia june 2013 12cornelia 10-15-1Sometimes I visit other rose gardens and walk away obsessed with a particular rose. Such was the case after my first introduction to the Hybrid Musk ‘Cornelia’ seen here. I spent a year thinking about how I should buy this rose–but no I really shouldn’t–yes I must–NO I HAVE TOO MANY ROSES–until finally I succumbed the the dark side and ordered a band for myself.

The only thing I regret about said purchase is that I didn’t keep her in a container so I can transport her with me to a someday future home. Instead, I planted her in the new cutting garden (more on that soon) and after an initial adjustment period, she took off. No, most of these photos are from a different garden of a mature ‘Cornelia’, not mine, but the healthy canes she threw out last summer on my own rose have me optimistic for this spring’s flowering. I’ve noticed the coloring ranges in shades of peach, apricot, pale pink and ivory and I just love those prominent stamens. (So do the bees.) ‘Cornelia’ has a light fragrance, blooms in flushes, tolerates a less sunny location and is practically thornless. What’s not to love? Read more about this beauty HERE.

8 thoughts on “‘Cornelia’ Hybrid Musk Rose

  1. Why not dig her up and take her with you? Is the ground too frozen? I have dug up huge roses and taken them with me but my climate is warmer…

    1. Hi Holly! The ground is frozen solid right now and will be for some time. I may take a cutting, though. 🙂

      1. Oh yes, I have given away or left so many roses that I later regretted…I find myself trying to track them down again to buy or get cuttings and some are almost impossible to find. Nowadays, I am no longer giving away roses unless it is a duplicate or I have decided I did not want it for at least two years so I don’t make that mistake anymore!

  2. Hey Laura long time since I’ve been here or Instagram! I’ve been working like crazy 🙂 did you move?

    1. Hi Jessica! Nope, haven’t moved…but our time here is running out (that sounds more cryptic than I meant it to) and we are looking ahead to other possibilities. Don’t work too hard! 🙂

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