Some new garden-inspired rings

14kt gold, sterling silver, drusy, tourmaline, sapphires and moissanites in the shop

I’ve got some new rings in the shop! For the most part, they’ve been inspired by my love of beautiful gardens, but there are also some simple gold and gemstone pieces in the mix, too. I’m very excited to be venturing into this new territory, but to be perfectly honest, this last month it seemed like everything I touched fell apart and it was incredibly frustrating. (There were a lot of times I thought I must be crazy to be introducing a fine jewelry line in this economy and in darker moments seriously considered switching careers.) I kept at it, though, and I managed to complete the rings you see above. It’s given me just enough steam to want to keep plugging away and teach myself some new techniques and hopefully have some more new pieces to share with you soon. These rings are simple (I  mean lets face it, I wasn’t breaking any creative ground here), but they represent so much to me about making choices and sticktoitiveness. I hope they someday find a home with a special gal with a romantic soul–who isn’t afraid to take risks and live her life exactly how she wants to!

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