Hello, Friend!

Mr & Mrs Eastern Bluebird have spent the better part of the last week reinvestigating the bluebird house we’ve placed for them in the garden. They do this every year and it’s a joy to watch, but I doubt they’ll nest there. They’re savvy house hunters and like to comparison shop, I suppose. I’m thoroughly enjoying the bird activity going on in the garden right now. In fact, as I type this, the Northern Flickers are belting out their territorial call¬†¬†from the top of “their” silver maple which they do ALL DAY LONG, no kidding. While planting out the roses this morning, I also heard the whisper-sweet “swweeee” of the American Goldfinches which frequent our feeders, the squawk of the Jays, the trilling little songs of the Northern Cardinals, American Robins and Song Sparrows. It’s spring and the birds are rejoicing. So am I. EDIT: This bluebird couple decided to stay! Every day we get to watch the pair zipping around and returning to the box. Actually, the mamma bluebird rarely pops outside nowadays, so I imagine she’s on the nest. We try to stay away from that side of the yard as much as possible (although our veggie garden is out that ways) and are hoping all goes well.

PS: That’s the butternut tree that Mr Bluebird is perched in. Far fewer catkins this year than last, which you can read about here.

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Laurie Lewis is a gardener, consulting rosarian, writer and photographer currently creating a new garden with her husband, 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 beehives and 5 chickens.