False Crocus Geometer Moth

Xanthotype urticaria | Hedgerow Rose

Isn’t this False Crocus Geometer moth (Xanthotype urticaria) lovely? Native to North America, these moths are commonly found in deciduous forested areas but until the other day, surprisingly, I had never seen one before. This is a smallish moth–I’d say about the same size as a cabbage white–and apparently the males have more spots so perhaps this one is a he? The larvae feed on shrubs like spirea and roses as well as dogwood and goldenrod, all of which are growing nearby to where I found this little guy. The larvae are kind of neat looking, actually, because they are able to mimic a twig as a camouflage. False Crocus Geometers are active in both day and night. More info can be found HERE if you’re interested!

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