Revisiting ‘William Baffin’ Climbing Rose

‘William Baffin’

We don’t often get the opportunity to visit our former gardens in places we used to call home, so I feel fortunate that last summer I was able to reacquaint myself with the climbing rose ‘William Baffin’ I had planted about 15 years ago. Gardeners, you’ll understand: seeing this rose again after so many years was like visiting an old friend. Being just a wee thing when I first planted this rose, I was amazed at his overall mass and my jaw dropped when I noticed the width of the main canes were thicker than broom handles. ‘William Baffin’ is an “Explorer” rose with Kordesii bloodlines. It is incredibly vigorous and cold-hardy. In fact, whenever someone asks me to recommend a climbing rose, I always recommend ‘William Baffin’ because it’s just so darn easy to grow and beautiful, too. The photos above were taken at my former residence (sidebar: always bring your camera with you wherever you go. I had to borrow someone else’s to take these shots) in late August if I remember correctly, so ‘William Baffin’ was just past it’s peak of full bloom. Since this one I planted it again in another former residence (would love to go back and visit that one, too) but sadly, I don’t have the room for it where we are living now. My prediction is ‘William Baffin’ will be an enduring classic in years to come, quite possibly along the lines of  ‘New Dawn’ (yes I went there!) If you have the space for ‘William Baffin’ I highly recommend this rose!

‘William Baffin’ can be purchased at Rogue Valley Roses

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