The Lion and Unicorn and Briar Rose

the lion and unicorn ring 3 | hedgerow rose
the lion and unicorn ring 4 | hedgerow rosethe lion and unicorn ring 2 | hedgerow rosebriar rose ring 1 | hedgerow rosebriar rose ring 3 | hedgerow rose

Gee, from the title it sounds like I’m writing a fairy tale! It felt long overdue for a new Briar Rose ring–but this time, instead of Moissanite, I used color! A lush rhodolite garnet to be exact. Oh, that purply-pink color…reminds me of old Gallica roses. Sigh. And how about that gorgeous green turquoise? SOLID turquoise–not one of those flimsy doublets with the business glued on the bottom. Nope, a thick chunk of old stock turquoise. Yummy. I wasn’t sure how this ring would turn out–would it look too kitschy–but I am very pleased with the results. The silver is hefty and the band is tapered so the ring just feels wonderful on–going to have a difficult time parting with that one.

Elizabeth Singer Rowe antique book | hedgerow roseAlso, how beautiful is the lettering in this antique book? I was using it as a background for the rings but felt it deserved it’s own photo. 🙂