July 7

Summer arrived in a big way this week. The kind of heat and humidity that has us all feel a bit wilted by mid-afternoon when, thankfully, a refreshing thunderstorm passes through. The fruits are ripening: tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, strawberries and now, as you’ll see in the photos, the addition of a pluot tree!

Most of the roses have begun creating new growth and buds for a second flush. Some are a bit more ahead of others such as….

…The Generous Gardener…

…Cornelia…. which really hasn’t stopped flowering since spring. This blossom is on one of the young, cloned plants from 2016.

But the real stars of the show this week in the garden have been the lilies. The asiatic have completed flowering but the oriental have just begun. There are still the species to open up, too, so the lily party should continue for several more weeks.

I wish you could smell these. The garden is so fragrant right now!

The remaining 4 dahlias are opening their buds. Our garden currently has only 6 total since I removed some from last year including Café au Lait (which I needed a break from.)

But let me tell you what I’m super excited about. This tiny cutting garden, which we put together one day on a whim using stuff we had.

Since this photo was taken these plants have practically doubled in size. It’s packed with zinnia, bachelor buttons, cosmos and teddy bear sunflowers with some borage, snaps, a few hollyhocks and foxglove thrown in. Basically everything that I had lying around. I’m so excited for it to really start blooming. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 🙂

6 thoughts on “July 7

  1. Looks beautiful, Laurie! I can just imagine the fragrance!

    I know you’re frustrated with this garden, but to my eyes it’s wonderful.

    I’m envious of your verbena. I had so much of it in my old garden, but I haven’t had success getting the seeds to grow here (crazy, because it self-seeds so easily!). Maybe I just need to sprinkle the seeds in the garden in the summer/fall?

    1. Thank you Anne!
      This garden (AND HOUSE) has felt like such an uphill slog, tbh, but we must be doing something right because we still love coming home to it. 🙂
      Verbena: warm climates can sprinkle seeds now to get a good crown that will overwinter. But I know you’re in that cold north so for you I’d suggest sprinkling them in spring when frost date has passed. Another option is to simply skip the sow seeds yourself strategy, buy some young plants and let them reseed naturally since they tend to do what they want to do, anyways. Hope that helps!

  2. Beautiful as always! I hope to have a cutting garden some day as well, somehow I think it will be the size of a field! Have a great week.

    1. Thank you Cole, and to you! I’d love to have a larger cutting garden, too. The forest of trees prevent that just a touch. 😉

  3. Dear Laurie,
    your plants look really pretty! I´d love to have a cutting garden too and think I will start a small one next year. Must be great to grow your own cut flowers for indoors.
    Have a lovely week!
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Lisa! If you’re thinking about making a cutting garden, I have a tutorial HERE for getting one started that takes hardly any time at all, especially if you have an extra set of hands. 😉 Thank you for your visit!

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