Did anyone get a look at today’s lunar eclipse? West coasters? I did not, but the  moon still put on quite a show for me as she rose over the field behind our house (RAN to the end of the street with my camera and realized when I got there I brought my macro lens. Rookie mistake!) In other news, you may notice some changes to the format of this blog over the coming weeks. I’m decluttering. Everything.

6 thoughts on “Lunar

  1. It was so exciting to see the eclipse in Nebraska this morning. The moon in the northwest sky near dawn looked like a giant cookie with a bite out when I first saw it. When it was a total eclipse it was getting down toward the horizon and difficult to see. What a thrill!! The moon was beautiful reflecting off the snow last night.

    1. Oh Marion that sounds so beautiful! I’m so glad you were able to enjoy it and thank you so much for describing it so wonderfully. It’s like I was there!

    1. Yeah I was sorry to have missed an eclipse, but that full moon was something else! Plus, I realized that the settings I used to take the photos of the moon would also work to take photos of lightning–so, happy accident and now I can’t wait until summer for a thunderstorm. 😉

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