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Eva loves the snow!Holly Berries | Hedgerow RosePennsylvania snowPicea orientalis Skylands | Hedgerow RoseRosa Heritage rosehips | Hedgerow Rosesnow covered birdbathSnow covered sedum | Hedgerow RoseSnow covered white pines | Hedgerow RoseHappy New Year, Friends. Let’s make it a great year!

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  1. Hello, i just happened to stubble across your blog and i have to say …i love it!…..i also really love roses and seeing your beautiful garden leaves me awe struck. I’ve been wanting to actually start a container garden of my own but due to certain thing I’ve had to delay it :(..but this year for sure i will start it…I’ve been looking at heirloom roses are they a good source to get my roses from? I narrowed it down to 3 roses margaret merril, heirloom, and double delight..are there any tips you could give me plz?..i live in philadelphia and im not sure how the rose might take to the city….anyways (got carried away there) your blog rose collection and shop are beautiful thanks for sharing!…oh and one more thing ever consider getting david austins lady emma hamilton? I hear shes beautiful and orange lol 🙂

    1. Hi Nathalie! Thank you so much for your comment, Welcome! 🙂 To answer your questions, no I do not grow ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ although I would definitely love to add her to the garden someday. I do have ‘Lady of Shalott’ which is another Austin orange-ish rose but I purchased it as an own-root last spring and it hasn’t bloomed for me yet. I hope it makes it through this winter! I have purchased many roses from Heirloom and have always been pleased with their quality. I also find most of my roses through Vintage Gardens and some through Rogue Valley Roses. As far as tips, I am going to link you to several posts I wrote which may help you get started with growing roses in containers and also growing roses from “bands” which are so much smaller than something you would see in a nursery/garden center. Click HERE to take you to the link. Best of luck!

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