The Hendersonville, NC Garden Jubilee

Classic Pink Geranium-PelargoniumHello friends! Did you have a nice Memorial Weekend? First, I wanted to say THANK YOU so, so much to those of you who shopped my sale. I am very lucky to have such wonderful customers and your support keeps this space going. 🙂

Hendersonville Garden Jubilee 5We had a lovely weekend. Jesse travels A LOT for his new job so it was great to have him home and be able to explore the area together. (It’s not as much fun on your own. 😉 ) We were so excited to visit the Hendersonville Garden Jubilee on their historic Main Street; We liked it so much we went both days! Sipping a cup of fresh roasted coffee and looking at plants on a gorgeous, sunny morning…is there anything better than that?

Hendersonville Garden Jubilee 4There were over 200 vendors selling all manner of plants as well as garden art, birdhouses and the like. I was snapping photos with my phone as best I could but I always feel a bit weird taking pictures of items for sale as they may get the wrong idea. I couldn’t help sneaking a photo of this adorable toadstool though. Although I tend to stay away from garden-y gee-gaws, I thought this would be so cute in a child’s garden, don’t you think?

Hendersonville Garden Jubilee 9Of course, there were plants…and lots of them. Plenty of herbs, perennials, shrubs and annuals to be found. Some vendors, like this one, were more crowded than others. There was a fight to the finish for their collection of Buddleia! It was fun seeing what other shoppers were purchasing and clearly I was unprepared as most were pulling wagons behind them. Smart!

Hendersonville Garden Jubilee 2I did manage to pick up a few plants for myself, like the Pelargonium seen up top, but there were many that “got away” like this ridiculously beautiful Digitalis…

Hendersonville Garden Jubilee 3…and this miniature shrub rose ‘Diamond Eyes’ (kicking myself for not getting this before it was snagged by another shopper.) Does this rose remind you of ‘Night Owl’ ? It’s the pollen parent!

Hendersonville Garden Jubilee 6There were plants that are now on my radar like this Campion ‘Rolly’s Favorite’…

Hendersonville Garden Jubilee 8…and plants that were new to me and not labeled like this one. I’m thinking it’s some kind of Tibouchina? Does that sound right?

Hendersonville Garden Jubilee 7There was much to look at and these pictures just do not do it justice. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and I definitely felt like I was among “my people” with all those other gardeners. I think it would be so neat to set up shop there. If you’d like to learn more about the Hendersonville Garden Jubilee click HERE. Have a great week!

Hendersonville Garden Jubilee 1

8 thoughts on “The Hendersonville, NC Garden Jubilee

  1. How beautiful!! Gardeners are so kind. I was snapping pictures of a person’s poppies that we saw on our walk, and he came out of the house to talk to me, In the mean time Del kept walking thinking perhaps I shouldn’t be disturbing the neighbors. He didn’t know gardeners love to share. So happy it felt like your people!

    1. That is so true–I’ve yet to meet a gardener who wasn’t generous with advice…and plants! (PS don’t blame you one bit for wanting pics of some beautiful poppies!)

  2. I am glad you had fun, even if you did miss out on that great rose. The local walmart was having an insanely good deal on some magic carpet spirea and I had a women pick up the plants I was comparing on the ground. She did let me have one, so nice of her…
    But! today I found some Astrantias and toad lilies so it’s a win after all.

    Can wait to see how your roses are fairing, I transplanted one this weekend and even though I had all the roots it wilted enough that I felt like it needed a haircut. It’s fine now but I did loose a lot of new shoots, plus it’s crown princess Margareta so it hurt a bit ; )

    keep posting the newness is palpitating!


    1. Oh my gosh I can’t believe someone took the plants you were looking at right from under you. That’s so bizarre! Sounds like the Astrantia and toad lilies made up for it, though. 😉
      I hope you don’t lose CPM. She’s such a pretty one!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun and so many pretty plants! Glad you were able to take some time to enjoy yourselves together.

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