For Jasper


May, 2006 – May, 2012

I have very sad news. Jasper, our beloved kitty, died unexpectedly 5 days ago. In fact, just hours after the photo above was taken.

We are utterly and completely heartbroken.

I tell you this because I know you are all probably lovers of animals, too, and your “pets” are more than that–they are your family, and often times the best friend you ever had.

Jasper came into our lives when I thought I could never endure the loss of another animal friend and he reminded me of the importance of adoption; to endure the pain of having to say goodbye for the greater good of giving a homeless and often times mistreated animal, as was the case with Eva, a loving home.

The past few days I have thrown myself into intensive gardening projects in between bouts of some pretty heavy crying, I’m not ashamed to admit. We buried Jasper in what was once his favorite place to take a nap–underneath the overhanging canes of our ‘Pink Supreme’ rose. He’s close by and always in our hearts.


15 thoughts on “For Jasper

  1. I’m so sorry Lara. The loss of a pet/friend/family member (because to people like us, they are all of these things) is so devastating. Logan and I send our condolences and good thoughts your family’s way.

  2. oh wow he wasn’t sick or anything… I am so sorry…. I am like you when something sad happens I am busy in the garden so I won’t have to think, even when I am stressed but unluckily for me I don’t have a big garden…

  3. Lara I am so very sorry for your loss. I treat my cats like my children because they really are just that, my little babies. Jasper was well loved and you can rest assured that he knew he was loved and adored, you can see it in the photos of him on flickr. I’ll keep you all in my thoughts.

    1. Thank you so much Rachel. Everything you said I try to keep telling myself, but you know how it is. It does make me feel better to hear that from you, though, from one kitty lover to another. Thank you…

  4. I never know what to say to someone who has lost their fur baby. I know how much it hurts having been there a few times myself. Special kitties are hard to come by and I know your Jasper must have been one special kitty. I know in time you can do just what you said–give another homeless pet a forever home. They would be so lucky to have you as their family. Time and tears……

  5. So sorry for your loss. I am so glad you shared a picture so we could see him. We lost our baby dog of 17 years 3 years ago and we still miss him. Sebastian the Bichon was raised right along side our children. Pets are part of the family!

  6. I’m new to your blog Lara and love your comments on the various blooms.
    I am sorry about your cat. I had to put mine down (at age 20) just a few weeks ago, and I still miss him (Samuel) dearly. I had originally planned to get a new cat when Samuel goes but it has just been too painful to get a replacement now. It is nice to have the option to pot around in the garden to get over the grief. The two dogs have also helped buffer the pain. Yes pets are family and 20 years is a long time to build a bond.

  7. Teresa and Ben, Thank you both for your comments and kind words. I’m so sorry for both of your losses. It’s so difficult to lose a pet especially when they’ve become so part of your lives for so many years. Teresa, do you think you’ll get another Bichon? Ben, I did the same thing–looked at an adoption site but it was too soon. We’ll need to wait a little longer.

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