Three milestones and everything in between


Mixed Metal Rings 3 | Hedgerow RoseThree milestones have recently come and gone: 1 joyously celebrated, 1 forgotten and 1 given a quiet “woo hoo” at my desk to an empty room. My birthday, my blog’s 3 year anniversary and my 7,000th sale in my Etsy shop.

During those weeks, I finished rewallpapering/painting the dining room, repainted the fireplace mantel, finished that Advent Calendar I already told you about, refinished an antique dresser, decorated the house for Christmas of course, started 2 new quilts, picked up knitting again, read several books (including this one I got for my birthday–does Jesse know me or what), purged and donated a ton of stuff to Good Will, brought in all the container roses to the garage for winter, took a bananas amount of photos, breathed in the cold, clean air while trying to tell myself how much I love winter and made jewelry…lots and lots of jewelry. Phew! Now we’re up to speed.

1950's rose printed wallpaper | Hedgerow Rose



kitties on my quiltAs I type this, the house is quiet except for the sound of the washing machine and the furnace kicking on and the snow is falling thickly outside. I’ve got coffee, a kitty companion and gratitude for this first major snowfall. Until today, the garden was alternating between coatings of ice, rain, snow, more rain and ice again and you know how that goes–things start to get a bit shabby. During that ice-phase, I loved to take photos of ‘The Endeavour’ whose last-ditch efforts of blooming in November were foiled by Old Man Winter who never knocks softly but instead kicks the door down. Now, ‘The Endeavour’ and several others are safely tucked away every time I go in the garage to grab something I see them clustered together like little birds and whisper, “sweet dreams.” But in November the roses were covered by a thick layer of ice and I was traipsing about in the snow taking photos whilst the family waited inside with birthday pie. Don’t those rosehips look glorious encased in ice?

Reine Victoria ice covered rosehip Reine Victoria ice covered rosehips

Ice covered Ghislaine de Feligonde rosehip | Hedgerow Rose Ice covered Petite Lisette | Hedgerow Rose Ice covered Red Moss | Hedgerow Rose Ice covered Red Moss rosehip | Hedgerow Rose Iced covered American Pillar hips | Hedgerow Rose Iced covered American Pillar hips 2 | Hedgerow Rose Iced covered rosebud | Hedgerow Rose Iced covered rosebud 2 | Hedgerow Rose Iced covered rosebud 3 | Hedgerow Rose Iced covered roses | Hedgerow Rose Icicles on Reve d'Or leaves | Hedgerow Rosetucked in for winter 2 | Hedgerow RoseReine Victoria ice covered rosehips in NovemberHave a wonderful weekend and stay toasty!

10 thoughts on “Three milestones and everything in between

  1. You sound really busy, but happy :-)! Love your collection of rings. They are absolutely beautiful!

    Congratulations on your three milestones!

    Happy pre Christmas week!

    Madelief x

  2. So many things to comment on!

    First, wowie wow! I have finished project envy; way to get tons done! (Don’t suppose you feel like taking a quick trip to DE to share some of that energy? 🙂

    Second, the kitty peeking over your sewing machine, SO cute! The big fluffy orange kitty I just want to smoosh j& smooch him! (her?) I have my own big orange Main Coon kitty, they could be siblings they look so similar, maybe it’s the happy closed eyes. 🙂

    Third, so glad you waited on birthday pie, cause I love the pictures!

    Mostest important though is Happy, Happy Birthday, and Etsy sale and 3 year Blog A Versary!

    1. Hi Kimmy! Your comment put such a smile on my face, thank you! You might not be surprised to hear that my husband said that watching me run around doing all these things is exhausting. But I tell him that if I didn’t have a million projects going on in winter I’d go bonkers. 😉 Thanks again!

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