Nest No. 4

I have a tiny collection of nests that I keep in glass apothecary-style jars on top of my favorite bookcase. Jesse said it makes us look like our living room is a natural history museum, but he says that with a smile–I know he likes it too. All of my nests were cruelty-free collected, of course. (In fact, my favorite one was found by Jesse when we were still dating. He said a limb from a giant conifer at his rental fell during a winter windstorm and when he surveyed the damage, found an abandoned nest still attached to a branch. He gave it to me knowing I would love it, and I do. Smart guy, huh?) So anyways, to wrap up this long-winded story, I’ve been photographing my collection and want to share them individually here in hopes that someone, somewhere, who knows their ornithology may be able to identify the species that built it. This little nest has bits of plastic woven through it. Aren’t birds amazing upcyclers?

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