Raised Beds at Children’s Garden, PSU

Children's Garden at PSU - 3Time-warping this morning to a visit to Penn State University’s new Children’s Garden last summer where I was loving on their raised bed veggie garden. What enthused me the most was the narrow “seat” that was built in to allow for resting and kneeling at the garden’s edge. These beds were pretty huge but the idea could certainly be modified for a garden with a smaller footprint.

Children's Garden at PSU - 2 Children's Garden at PSU - 4Children's Garden at PSU - 1The Children’s Garden at PSU is pretty amazing, actually, and there is a lot more to it. I’ll have a separate post on that in the coming months but here is a preview of the rock caverns and paths that abut the veggie garden…

Children's Garden at PSU - 5

18 thoughts on “Raised Beds at Children’s Garden, PSU

  1. I especially like the bamboo work. You add nets to you bamboo don’t you?

    I am on vacation in South Carolina right now, it made me miss your seed giveaway (rats!)
    But I did find the most amazing old rose of all growing there (everywhere):
    Lady Bank’s rose. Have you ever tried it in white or yellow?


    1. I LOVE LADY BANKS! I used to be able to enjoy that rose when I lived in California but, sadly, it is way too cold in PA for it to grow happily. Maybe when we move? I’ll have to see if it’s actually warm enough where we’re going.

      How fun to be visiting South Carolina! I hope the weather has been good and you are having a relaxing and enjoyable time! 🙂

        1. Gee whiz where did they get that info? Oh well. Yup, my (albeit very limited) experience is that Lady Banks prefers warmer climates. HMF shows a rating to 6b but even that might be pushing it. To be safe, I’d say zone 7…

  2. Holly and Anne: They grow their own Bamboo at the Arboretum to use in their support structures. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

  3. Hi Laurie,
    Yes, it really is neat. I have two bamboo poles rigged up that I use as a sort of clothesline and to hang lanterns on in the evening…but now I want to find more and make some tipi trellises like they did!
    You and your blog are always so inspiring!
    Happy Easter,

  4. Wow! Those cucurbits in that second picture look amazing. This is exactly what my imagination tells me that my garden will look like, every January. Like seed packet pictures on steroids. And then July comes…

    My parents live in a zone 7 and their ‘Lady Banks’ escaped and ran up a tree– fairy-tale cascades of yellow flowers. The tree fell down in a hurricane and now the bush has managed to climb up another. It loves zone 7. I’ve not seen them quite as large here in zone 8 (or maybe people just prune theirs in a civilized fashion).

    1. Oh my word, that image of your parents’ Lady Banks just sounds simply breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

  5. How lovely! We use bamboo poles to make various trellis supports in our gardens, but they never look that professional! Thinking of you while I wait for my DA roses to arrive. 🙂

    How’s the moving plans coming along? You still NC bound?

    1. We finally made it!

      I never can get my bamboo to look that professional, either hahaha. I just stick them in the ground and tie them off at the top. Good enough! 😉

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