Some Early Rosebuds

‘Reine des Violettes’

Seeing these little rosebuds peeping out from the leaves of our roses today felt like such a blessing because I really wasn’t sure they were going to make it through these freezing temps. Although we certainly are not out of the woods yet, as I type this there is a refreshing spring rain falling gently on the garden and it’s giving me hope that I may actually have some blossoms to share with you this summer. The first rosebuds are always the sweetest. Especially when they are being offered by roses that I have yet to see in bloom (most of my roses arrive here as “bands” which you can read more about here.) I adore the tinges of pink, don’t you?


‘Rose de Rescht’

‘Comte de Chambord’

4 thoughts on “Some Early Rosebuds

  1. Yay! I have my new David Austin roses in their GIANT pots and I’m watching carefully for the little leafy growth. They had a nice misty shower all day.

    I also saw my first buds on my peonies! Can’t wait for blooms!

    1. Thank you Chris! Your pictures of ‘Golden Celebration’ make me want to make another purchase even though I’m supposed to be done buying roses for the year. Haha! 🙂

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