September’s ‘Carefree Beauty’

Carefree Beauty 1 | Hedgerow Rose

“Look at the size of those gorgeous, fat hips!!” I exclaimed followed by laughter as my mom and I realized that a statement like that is pretty unusual. But in this case, the hips I was referring to were those on the shrub ‘Carefree Beauty’ still happily blooming away when we visited the Arboretum last September. I recalled that this rose was troubled by Japanese beetles during the steamier summer months, the banks of ruffled pink petals laden with their glittering carapaces–it was all I could do to not pick them off. (Whenever I visit public gardens I often have to stop myself from doing the little maintenances I would do if I were strolling through my own garden.) ‘Carefree Beauty’ is an Earth Kind™ rose highly resistant to blackspot–and any rose that is resistant to that disease makes me want to do a little happy dance. Apparently it’s also hardy to 4b so rejoice, cold climate gardeners! In a future garden we might add this rose but for now I’ll just enjoy it’s blossoms–and fat hips–from a far.

Carefree Beauty 2 | Hedgerow Rose Carefree Beauty 3 | Hedgerow Rose Carefree Beauty 4 | Hedgerow RoseCarefree Beauty 5 | Hedgerow RoseEDIT: I just found these photos of ‘Carefree Beauty’ taken in June…
Carefree Beauty in June 2

Carefree Beauty in June

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