Growing David Austin’s ‘Mrs. Doreen Pike’ Hybrid Rugosa Rose

‘Mrs Doreen Pike’ gave me a run for my money. Slow growing, and of course purchased as a band as I usually do, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why her leaves looked so chlorotic. What was I doing wrong? Nothing, apparently. After reading a post by another gardener on a rose forum, I discovered that this was normal for this rose and that it eventually resolves itself as it matures (which I did notice it beginning to do.) When she bloomed, though, she more than made up for her earlier nonsense with those pretty pink blossoms and beautiful scent. Also, I never noticed any disease and pest problems, typical for a Rugosa, which is most welcome in my garden. Last spring I edited out many of my roses and ‘Mrs. Doreen Pike’ went to live in my mother’s garden. (Since space is at such a premium here, I have to start being very picky. Roses have to wow me or they’re not staying and besides, I’m more interested in growing her parent ‘Roseraie de l’Haÿ’.) However, if you’re looking for a small shrub ‘Mrs. Doreen Pike’ might be a good choice for you as she is a wee little thing at only about 3′. Perhaps place her with ‘Apothecary’s Rose’ which has a similar stature? Hmmm, getting ideas for my next garden…


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Laurie Lewis is a gardener, consulting rosarian, writer and photographer currently creating a new garden with her husband, 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 beehives and 5 chickens.

8 thoughts on “Growing David Austin’s ‘Mrs. Doreen Pike’ Hybrid Rugosa Rose

  1. AND – now that I have that rose I can only say, she is wonderful. She is growing where other roses did not want to grow,in fact I put her between two dead roses (I was hoping they would come back – they didn’t).

    I haven’t done a thing with her (unlike Laurie I am not good with roses) and she is producing the most beautiful pink roses with a wonderful smell.

    I am glad you sent her to me!

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