‘Golden Wings’ Hybrid Spinosissima, Shrub Rose

How yummy is this color…and those striking stamens? Hardy to zone 4 and reaching a spread of about 6′, I think ‘Golden Wings’ would make such a fresh and pretty addition to the back of a large, mixed border. I saw on my visit that this rose did have some spotty leaves–something to watch out for–and I don’t recall there being much of a scent. Introduced in the United States by Roy Shepherd in 1956, this Hybrid Spinosissima rose might have delicate-looking petals but I’ve read that the blossoms stand up quite well to weather and it does produce hips, see? More info on this charming rose can be found HERE.

Golden Wings Hybrid Spinosissima Rose Golden Wings

8 thoughts on “‘Golden Wings’ Hybrid Spinosissima, Shrub Rose

  1. Years ago, I passed by a beautiful group of three bushes of Golden Wings planted together at Longwood Gardens, Pa., from which emanated a delicious scent. Powerful at 10 feet away. When I returned a few years later they were no longer there — perhaps eaten by voles or killed by a freak frost or merely removed to make room for another project.

    Helen Van Pelt Wilson and Leonie Bell also raved about what they termed the ” mouth watering” scent of Golden Wings, which they described memorably as “a spicy aroma that makes us think of Kieffer pears bubbling in cloves and syrup.”

    That description prompted me to buy a plant which over almost thirty years has grown to be far too large for my tiny back yard. Alas, for me it has never graced me with fragrance. In all fairness, it must be something about the location, as I get little fragrance from Rose de Rescht and Cornelia, either, which I know for a fact are usually powerfully scented.

  2. There is something more about this rose. The flowers are remarkably large and they close up at night. It is a wonderful creation.

  3. As the house creaks from the sudden drop in temperature (we are now at minus 2) – I am so happy to see these flowers as a reminder that spring is not THAT far away!

    1. I just checked and we’re at -5 with real feel of -21…isn’t this crazy? It’s no surprise, then, that I had Jesse pull the “spring box” from the attic and I’ve been scattering rosy things, little bird’s nests and other cheerful tidbits around the house. Glad you liked the photos!! (PS Spring is officially in 71 days…)

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