Not quite like riding a bike

hedgerow rose jewelry chrysoprase

Getting back into the studio (studio: sounds really fancy but for me entails walking over to that side of the basement) was difficult after taking so much time away. I thought I’d start out nice and easy with this ring: sterling, vintage brass and a nice cut of chrysoprase in a glowing green. So many silly errors were made along the way–things I should have known better–not at all like riding a bike, apparently. I can’t decide if this ring is going to end up in the shop or if I will tuck it away for a later craft show. (If anyone is interested in purchasing, just email me.) When it comes to sourcing gems, I find I gravitate towards the blues and greens so if you’re noticing a trend, that’s why. This particular stone reminds me of the algae-filled pools we saw on our honeymoon right before the massive waves would crash over them and swirl everything back up–I could stare at it for hours.

8 thoughts on “Not quite like riding a bike

    1. Thanks Jessica! I actually didn’t phrase that very well–this ring is perfectly fine but the things I did leading up to it I had to scrap and start over. It’s tough sometimes getting back into the swing of things.

      1. And when you haven’t done something in a while your fingers don’t really want to do what you want them to do lol

  1. Hi,
    Interesting blog. Like it very much. I was searching the web for Duck pond psu and came across your blog. I was writing a post on riding a bike through/near campus and wanted to talk about my duck pond stop. Then I click this “bike ride” post… but this is about something different. Still, figured I would comment to say hello and thank you for the good work on all the plant links to the side.

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